Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Art Vibration - 417


First step of  Matheran painting on  my home door .. 2016
Matheran painting  is a traditional style of Bikaner painting . Bikaner  city and that’s history is 526 /7 years old . so I can say this folk painting style came at Bikaner  after foundation of city Bikaner . may be the artist of matheran art was came from AJANTA  cave painting , this matheran painting style come out from BUDHISM painting  format.. but I am not sure about it ..

 You know , it dose not matter where to come Matheran painting style  but it is still with Bikaner culture and history . its live example we can see in fort of Bikaner and in temple of Bhandasar ji  or  Laxminath temple  Bikaner . 

 I am saying it ,  about matheran art. Because  last month  I were practiced with this folk painting style for my home door . I were created  a project for our old door of wood , that door is fix on our main gate of home. so I were planed  about painting or in painting I did selected folk matharen art for our home door .

Master Radhakishan Is Busy  in drawing to cloud images for matheran painting on  my home door ..2016

In this project I were selected  the visual look of Badal Mahal of Bikaner , this Badal Mahal is in Fort of Bikaner , there a  room was installed by painting of Clouds here in Hindi or Rajasthani language we are calling  to that Badal Mahal .

When I were planed  this Matheran painting  project that time I were called to  my junior artist master Radhakishan Sharma , we did  talked on this project and then we were started that . in three days  we were completed  this very folk and artistic project as a challenge . 

 When we were creating the same image of Clouds in that time we did followed to out cut image of clouds . that out cut was helped to us and we did saved to time in that Matharen Painting  project . 

 First day we did prepared the base of  matheran painting on door of  my home , then we did got a fine surface for matheran painting on ruff surface of wood door . Second day we did painted peacock blue color  on wood  door,  it was oil color . On third day I were  painted to clouds images on door and step by step  my home door was converting in look of matheran art model or object . that door was got a very historical look and richness by matheran Painting . For me it was a exercise of folk art  through a project of Home Decoration  by matheran painting . 

Final  step of  Matheran painting  on  my home  door ..
 In visuals  you will notice  how to we did started and how to we did  finished to that  matheran painting project  in three days . I sure  you will enjoy and notice from  your art vision . 

When we were creating to that painting of BADAL  image  in that time we lived  to live motion of that style creator/ painter  . we did passed  through  that artist vision and exercise of matheran painting . it was a great experience for us  in that three days . we were enjoyed to our City art that’s name is matheran painting . 

So here I said it. Matheran art is on  my home door ..

 Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA