Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Art Vibration - 418

I was Team Member of our Bikaner theater festival 


Hansa Guest House Bikaner the place  of  Bikaner theater festival , it was   my first visit  before BKN Theater  Festival

This week I were lived busy continue three days in a festival of theater art . the organizer was added me in organizer team so in respect of their selection ,  I were shared  my three days to our Bikaner theater festival .
 As a team member of Organizer comity I were observed to Bikaner theater festival and I did completed   my duty as a team member . in duty of  myself I did promoted to festival on online  through  my online network pages and then I were gave my full time and presence  in that festival . there I were visited all play and  on face book page I did wrote a short note about Bikaner theater festival in Hindi  

Sanjna Kapoor   is busy in mobile communication  and  myself  is still near  her at Bikaner theater festival

 For Bikaner,  this festival was very special because the Founder member of JUNUN theater unit Sanjna kapoor was in Bikaner theater festival . she was participated  in all activity of theater festival as a expert of theater art. She did talk on theater or that’s problems in small cities of India . 

In three days we were invited to many theater artists of our INDIA . in this festival the team of MUMBAI , GOA, CHANDIGARH ,BHOPALand BIKANER  were  performed to play on stage . that all play was very artistic and meaning full for viewers of that festival . 

 There in three talk session was run  in morning time of festival days first day first talk of * theater or criticism * sir Devendra Ankur Theater artist  was sit in that session and he gave answer to all questioner of that session , I did asked to him  when a play can’t communicate rightly with viewers in that condition viewers are feeling boring to play  this boring condition is not a criticism or it is  ?  but by luck I could not found a right answer from stage ..

open talk  session  on subject Actor and acting ..Sanjna Kapoor is talking to viewers Hansa guest House Bikaner

Second day I were joined again the next talk session about * actor  or acting *  .. in that session Sanjna Kapoor was asked question to all. She asked what  you need to play for  yourself visit that session I were put up  my view in front side of Sanjna Kapoor , I told  why play is not design the character of social person in present ? she was noticed my view ..

On third day talk session was on  on subject  * play and technic * . in that session I said to stage or that’s respectable Artists of theater art. I said , sir I think  play is a one and only technic of communication with society for a right thing or design about future is very must and important technic of communication . 

Book launching activity from stage

In three days I did viewed many play with lots of subject and shades of theater art . some play ‘s were  performed on right theater and some play’s  were  performed on none theater stage . so it was critical but  the organizer team was bounded about it by time table of theater festival . 

This Bikaner theater festival was dedicated  to theater artist cum writer late great Sirt Nirmohi vyas Bikaner , the founder of Anurag Kala Kendra ( art and theater art unit ). 

This Bikaner theater festival  was  run on wheel of Hansa Guest House, RAJUWAS  and Sunhari chhabili  foundation  Bikaner. 

 You can say this post is   my final touch to promotion to our Bikaner theater festival 2016  by this art vibration and I am completed   my commitment as a  member of Organizer comity . 
Sanjna Kapoor with her friend  at Hansa Guest  house Bikaner.

So here I said  I was team member of our Bikaner theater festival

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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