Monday, March 28, 2016

Art Vibration - 419

World Theare Day Special

Friends yesterday we did celebrated world theater day . I were collected many wishes and I were wished to many friends of theater  art family  through  online network . when I were wishing  the wish of theater  day in that time I were remembering to  our  Holi festival of Bikaner . In Bikaner or on holi  many people are getting in self a theater artist and he perform at street of Bikaner . By luck a silent performer  / theater artist in me by my city culture or by  my art education too. 
Kids with me ..they were stand with MALINGA  on Holi festival at FAAGANIYA FOOTBALL Ground , Bikaner.

Group Photo of All players of FAAGANIYA FOOTBALL , Before  Fun full Live Match  - 2016
live Motion of Faaganiya Football match  2016

A collage image of that live fun of Holi  - 2016

Friend Ravi Acharya shoot this live  fun from His camera - 2016

In this Picture Myself  is back Side of  D . I. G  Police Bikaner at Faaganiya footBall Ground - 2016

Artist Friend Himanshu Vyas shoot this selfie from hhis Mobile  at Faaganiya Football  Ground - 2016
About My City Holi , I have shared  many time  on this art vibration  in past posts . but this post is very special  because I am connecting  it to world theater day or theater art . Before Holi  I were  went to main city for visit to  Holy culture sound and that’s live activity . in that case I saw a shop keeper was selling  some prop’s  about festival of Holy that was colorful CAPS , PICHKARI , KEY CHAIN, MASKS , WIG’S , FUN DESSES and much more  but interesting  talk was ,  that  shop keeper was also in get up of a PATHAN and his helper was in get up of  SEA CAPTAIN.  They both were  looking very funny and they were  creating fun for common persons  in that market . there to I were buy a Wig for  my Holi look .

My self With My Award  the Toy Car  at Ground of Faaganiya Football - 2016

That Wig was in golden color , that’s hair was long and that’s look was  looking like hair of cricketer Malinga ( Shrilankan Player ) . First I were done a serve on whatsaap before buy to that Wig .My  all friends  were told to me looking good bro in golden hair . so I were buy that wig for myself fun of  holi . 

Next day  my city people ( fun creator ‘s ) had  organized to FAAGANIYA FOOTBALL match , so I were went there with  my new look or getup. There kids and many fun liker called me HAY MALINGA  so I got name of  my new fun look MALINGA , there in football team , I were registered  my name MALINGA for team of Male , there I were presented with  my own foot ball that was in  my hand .
Rotary Club Bikaner  and Khabarexpress ( Anand Acharya ) was gave reward to me about  my fun look  by a cultural event at Aryan School Bikaner .

I saw many kids were smiling after look to me and many young boy’s were soot me with his selfie in that foodball ground by their mobiles . Friend Himanshu Vyas ( Bikaner ) he was shared  his selfie with me on  my facebook so I  am give  first place to his selfie on this art vibration title image.. he was enjoyed to my look and  my play style , because many time I were picked to football in  my hand and run for goal  side , that time many kids and boy’s were laughed very much .ha ha ha .. because I did showed I am fast bawler  so its  my duty I take ball in  my hand and run for out to bats man ..ha ha by luck ball size was big ..ha ha it was fun motion and I were playing football or in football I played cricket for real fun about my  viewers .. 

Our City D.I. G. ( Police ) was presented there as a chief guest and after finish that fun game he was gave very funny award *** the toy car *** to all player’s  of that live fun  Full game of Bikaner ( FAAGANIYAFOOTBALL 2016 – FOLK  ) .

News paper  Dainik Navjyoti was published  to myself and Faaganiyafootball -2016
Over all  by that new look I were created smile on face’s of my city people as a live acting without any script of theater . but that live  act was creating fun for people .  so I can connect it to theater /performing art or  if it is theater / performing art  so I can connect it to our world theater  day .

 So it is special and I say to it is world theater day special …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA  

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beautiful performance, full of life, color, joy