Sunday, September 11, 2016

Art Vibration - 436

They Know How to pull to Myself

Prafulla Dahanukar art foundation know how to pull to a true artist for real art track of our  world art . Last year I were joined to PDAF as a online artist friend . But after that they are pulling to myself continue for art by way of art. They know where is art vibrating to vision of people and who are create this vibration for real art through visual art . 

I told to PDAF team I am master of Fine Art but I am not interested in competition because I know art have no competition in any condition . art is a mirror of artist vision that’s all . The PDAF know this art format but about promotion of art they are following to traditional format of art promotion . Because our world art family is not creating any new way for right art promotion after way of competition. so PDAF is following it like others and it is working in mid of our world art family . 

It is not bad because this way is not killing to anybody but in some critical motion it can kill to artist , I was faced it in past when I did participated in art competition, any way ,After 2005 I were leaved to way of art competition participation , I did got a right way of visual art so after 2005 to till 2016 I am continue busy in visual creation on  my own thought I am saying to that ** MYSELF ** .

Kind  your information I have completed 2000 paintings  and this painting creation is on continue by me . The PDAF is noticing to this art nature of myself so they are pulling to me every year . Last year they were gave me City artist award from PDAF . and this year they have posted me a one more application form with a certify card of KALANAND award from PDAF. 

For their understanding I am following to  their format because they want to care to real art or artist from their PDAF . so in respect of PDAF I was submitted  my application and sent my art work images or I did completed their all formalities  of application form of PDAF about 2016 .

Someone are read to heart/vision of artist by his her visuals . PDAF is one in that kind of peoples. so I am respecting of PDAF . they have not meet to me , they don’t know to me because we have not face to face in this art journey but our way is same our observation of art is same and we both are think for true art or that’s right promotion so I am respecting of PDAF or that’s strong art unit. 

Here for transparency I am sharing the letter copy for your notice . I were received that letter last month by courier from Mumbai . With that letter PDAF was posted me a certify card so that’s image also I am sharing here for your visit . 

PDAF is showing the art interest in my art journey and I am showing  my true respect for true art promoter ( PDAF ) of my nation . so you can say it is a real bond of art relation . 

 In respect of art relation they are pulling to myself or I can’t  stopping to me in this motion ..

So here I said they know how to pull to myself ….

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA