Sunday, September 18, 2016

Art Vibration - 437

My Committed Art Work For Nature

Photo by -  Narendra Purohit 2016
Heritage, it is giving the sense of commitment to a real heritage care worker . kind  your information I am following to heritage of my family, city, nation or our world family as a artist ,you all are know about it very well .  

Painting is  my own culture/heritage for my mind or art nature . By painting sound I am caring to heritage and culture of our world family day by day or it is continue with  my life journey .because it is  my nature .

This year I were again following to culture / heritage of  my family . yes I did invest  my art energy in work of farming . For me that is a big natural painting  by natural color of nature .I did painted to big canvas  by natural corn or natural rain water on natural farm land  . ( Natural canvas ) 

In two month the green color is come out from farm land ,  so 825 X 825 F.   land of farm is cover to natural green color ! without brush I have painted that big canvas  by support of nature and it will support to nature too . so  you can say this heritage of give and take is on by me in our nature in form of farming work . 

Photo by -  Narendra Purohit 2016
How to this art work will support to nature here I want to explain to you , I know  you know about it but by  my view I want to share with  you .. when I did through the corns of BAZRA in our farm in that time many small birds were eaten that corns that was first step of  farming  work at our farm ( for me first step of natural painting ) 

Photo by -  Narendra Purohit 2016
Now after two month the corns are convert in green grass , that green grass is giving pure oxygen to our nature , that oxygen is support to live life of all kind of life in our environment . 

Photo by -  Narendra Purohit 2016

When the farming will get final stage of farming  that time we will get again fresh corns for food of human . that corn will create more energy for life in our environment . so I think it is a natural art work for real life in our nature . it is very must for us because without food we can’t live much more in this environment , without oxygen we can’t live in this environment . it is universal fact . 

Photo by -  Narendra Purohit 2016
 After 2012 , I am continue busy in farming work ( in natural Painting ) in rain time of every year . it is a commitment of myself for  my late great Grandfather  Shree Bulaki Das Purohit . Before his death I were only  helping to him in his farming work. But I was not involved completely in our farming work of Family .Because I was busy in study of art .  In 2012 when I did started to farming work, then I was set to my mind , for this hard work, I was taught to myself this is not only farming work  , this farming work is also art work a natural art work  so  my mind was accepted to farming  work as a art work . the art vision of myself is not accept to any new way easily so I was taught to myself . then mind was set or self education was gave a new way to my art vision about care to  heritage /nature ..

Photo by -  Narendra Purohit 2016

2012 to till 2016 four years to continue I am busy in this natural farming work ( Natural Art  work ) and step by step I am completing to heritage care work  of my family . this natural art work is giving me more confidence and more power about  my  commitment  .

Photo by -  Narendra Purohit 2016

 So here I said to this art work  My committed art work for nature  

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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