Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Art Vibration - 438

Hello, We Understand 

Hello, we understand but we do not monitor records for the subjective art records of this nature .Thank  you .. This kind words said to me our Guinness World Record organization team member @Christopher ..! 

I am thankful for @GWR they did noticed to my art work or that’s nature by  my application at web page of @GWR. I am register on @GWR  web page to year 2010 .in year 2010 I were submitted my first record application , after that in year 2013  I were submitted my second application and this year 2016 I have submitted once again a Application about  my 2000 painting on a one concept . 

 Guinness world record team have no format about painting or drawing . but they know the nature of art. it is good way for future records from GWR. We know artist is artist , he is not a stuntmen or sportsman , artist can’t jump to very height or artist can’t swim deep in sea , artist can’t fly in sky or artist can’t eat iron or glass . artist can’t sleep on ice for long time or artist can’t walk in fire . because this kind of capacity is not available in artist . it is true . 

A artist can create visual , a artist can fill the color  in others life , a artist can create love and peace by way of art , a artist can complete his / her life by color and lines with his /her canvas . A painter can speak by his/ her lines or colors without any noise or voice . A artist can live in heart of others from impression of his/her  live life concept ( art work ) . A painter  can give the way of moon journey to space  research center of NASA .  A painter can give the way of science study  by his art exercise or practice . A artist can change to life vision by way of art or without any stunt or any kind of run /jump or etc. 

Its live example is  my art journey . After 1992 I was joined to art with a strong commitment of myself . in that time I was in class 12th my subject was fine art . year 1992 to till 2016 , 25 years I have passed  in visual art by support of line and color . as a helping verb I was supporting to many senior or junior artist of  my city, state or nation.  today I can say international artist friends also with me for art communication . we talk on art and art progress in contemporary time or in this critical global warming time . 

 IN  my commitment of art journey I have done completed many art commitments by me . In year 2008 I were started  self research painting on myself . 2008 to till 2016 that research is on and I have completed up to 2000 paintings in this self research journey , you can say I have converted to myself in visual art , this art exercise is a complete example of a artist patience , dedication, commitment of art, living to art, communication to world by visual art and much more by one art commitment . it was self physical test of myself .  by this 8 to 9 years I did caught to myself . I said it many time  about this on this art vibration, in past posts . 

So I did thought this self test can compare to other world records makers. My work is also in level of physical stunt rank in rank of @GWR.  So I were applied three time  my application for record registration . but I did got rejection   all time from @GWR . 

This year the @GWR web team started correspondence format for applicant . so I did started correspondence with team of @GWR . 

@GWR  was sent me some words about  my rejection of record application 2016 , they wrote .
(Unfortunately, due to the very subjective nature of this and the difficulty of even quantifying "art", we do not consider any claims for drawing/painting, other than what might ordinarily fall within our broader records. )

Then I wrote back to @GWR  (Can you rethink on my application ..its my true journey of art in eight years with one concept ?  )

In reply I got some more meaning full words from @GWR  , team member  @Christopher was wrote it (Hello, We understand but we do not monitor records for the subjective art records of this nature. Thank you.
So about art I reply to @Christopher I wrote it ( Art Always subjective in our world its create love and peace in vision of society . so we can't say art is not subjective or art can't none subjective .i can say it because i am master of Fine Art and i have read to all great art masters of our world art family . for example i have many name in my memory , Artist Van Gogh , Lenardo Da Vinci , Picasso ,Salvador Daly in Indian Art Ravindra Nath Thakur , Artist Devilal Choudhary , nand lal Boss and much more artists were created love and peace in vision of people by way of art or by subjective art . art is a subject of refreshment of mind, art is a subject of positive live ,art is subject of creative life so it can't none subjective i said to you please rethink and start a new way for painting record from your great GWR unite in our world ..Thanks ... )

(your understanding have possibility for start a new record for true painter of our world )

Now I am in wait of kind reply from @GWR on their own web page about correspondence . I hope they will really understand to contribution of painter in our world family .or they will start new records for painter by @GWR ..because they are understand to painter nature or that’s art energy .
Myself Painting No 2023

So here I said the words of @Christoper ( @GWR) hello , we understand …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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