Saturday, November 26, 2016

Art Vibration - 442

Official Promotion To My Art Journey By PDAF Mumbai

Someone are live for care to rights of others , they are committed person of our world family , I respect of them because they live out to his/ herself in our world for care /promote to others life . in dictionary we have been  defined them by a word GODFATHER .

In art culture this word is very useful, so practically we can notice it in field of art .  this   word is come in  my mind because I am feeling to this word at present about  my art journey .  as a visual artist I have passed 26 years journey on a path of visual art .In this journey I were got many special movements  and very special peoples . They were supported to me for  my art journey so I can pass 26 years along   with this visual art .

 I am artist not a art businessperson , I am not selling my art but when a good art collector need  my art work then I give my art to him  . it is  my art nature , I know it is critical for me or  my family but I can’t change it . because I know rightly the real definition of art and artist , so I can’t change myself  , when I change then I will leave to true art track , I know it very well  . may be time will not create that wrong path for me . because I want to live with true art sound of myself for this visual art . 

Last two years to I am continue very confident about  my art journey . Because I did founded a real art promoter in  my nation . The Director of Prafulla Dahanukar art foundation Mumbai / Trustee Sir Dilip Dahanukar  is noticing to my art journey from  my online art updates . Last year he was selected my art sound in form of painting for kalanand city artist . Actually he was started promotion to my art journey from his strong art vision . he know how to pull to a artist in light or how to expose to a hidden artist of our world family . I am happy he was selected to me for art promotion from his PDAF . 

This year Sir Dilip Dahanukar  was gave me another rank from his PDAF , he is calling to that rank KALANAND EMERGING Artist . This kind art information I were received in this week by a post . when I did opened to that envelope I saw a ID - card and a letter  from PDAF in that envelope . 

Here that letter and card image I am sharing for your notice/ visit..Because it will prove to my talk in front of  you .

Now I can say sir Dilip Dahanukar is a real Godfather for artist of visual art . He is providing space for visual artist from his PDAF . He know how to create a right art way for a right dedicated artist of our world family . so I respect to his care taker nature .

 I am respecting to his art promotion or that’s commitment. Because his art action from PDAF is giving trust and energy to real / true artist or our world family . 

The PDAF was promoted me by official promotional  action of kalanand Emerging artist 2017 .
So here I said official promotion to my art journey by PDAF Mumbai …

Yogendra  kumar puorhit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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Enzo Marino said...

Good! I congratulate you, for Your recognition. Well I know you is already two years ago I saw in you a true artist! I hope to see you to give you my embrace of Art. Enzo Marino