Monday, November 28, 2016

Art Vibration - 443

1 Friend To 5000 Friends

Friend ,this word have a very large canvas of freedom , trust, confidence , company , beyond relation ,bounding ,support ,care , happiness, unlimited  and much more beyond the words . friend word can’t  come in a one definition . no one can define it in words . it is universal truth .
I am saying it because I am facing it  in my art journey . here I want to share its live example in front of you by my view . 

 In year 2008 when critical time was on for me , I was leaved Jaipur and came at my home . I were leaved to my all friends of Jaipur. In that critical time six month I were live very silent and alone in my art  life.  I did not created any art work in that critical time  , I was felt I am die . no way for  my next art journey , I was totally blocked to my mind, it was time design for me or for my  new art way .  

I was lived along with patience continue six month ,but I were missed very much to my very close friends of Jaipur . that missing feeling  is continue till today in my heart or vision  or will continue till my end of life because friend not come back in life after leave .  

After that six month I were restarted to myself  ( it was move of time ) so I were joined to my art studio and  started online communication by BSNL net service . first I were got some new friends by mail because I were not knew to any online networks . But in year 2008 , month I think September I did found to facebook network .

I were  registered myself and started art communication . There I were saw word friend  for other connection of male or female . so once again a new friend was created a very large canvas for  my art friendship by facebook. 

The time design of  my art journey was connected to me facebook by facebook I were connected to facebook designer MARK Zuckerberg . His design facebook network is a very big canvas for connect to world as a community or family. So after  join to facebook I felt I am part of our world and my all artist friends are family of world art family . 

When I communicate to new artist of our world on facebook I said to him /her hi we are world art family now  enjoy art with me .. because I were sharing continue my art work on facebook for visit of  my facebook friends . my art update work was updating to me every day . that art update action was pulling to me in deep of  my real art journey . it was silent art work of MARK Zuckerberg . he did not knew about it but he was done it . so lots of respect for Master MARK Zuckerberg from Master of Art Yogendra  Kumar Purohit  INDIA. 

Year by year, now   today I have completed nine year  with facebook. This facebook is a very easy medium for  my art exhibition, art communication or self expression . it is giving  connectivity  to good persons of our world. I found many good art lovers and art critics . it is design to mind as a  international mind. because when we connect by  facebook to ourself then we are come on a stage of international community or society . our mind get broad thinking or vision because we can see or observe many views, ideas and good thinking in form of art, literature , photography ,design and much more creative forms . 

So I think facebook is a key of  block minds/time  . ( something critical but I am feeling this so I am telling this )
In 2008 I did got friendship to facebook  or till 2016 the facebook is give me 5000 artist friends . I have achieved to facebook target of friendship about a one ID of facebook by art communication . in this nine years I have shared only art updated or some literature point or views plus my real art journey by text or visuals . 

The facebook is a diary of  myself art journey or friends list . After 5000 friend this diary can’t accept more friends on my facebook friends page . it is limit of facebook design but I can share unlimited on this diary about  my art journey.  because this facebook was charged to me , pulled me in field of art by its easy communication design . it is chip but very impressive medium about art communication in  my struggling time of art journey . 

 I have not done any art business /money making art business by this facebook . but as a visual artist I did done my real art job or duty because facebook was provided me a real art path or communication way about promotion of art culture in our world family. Or as a friend of world I did done  my art job very honestly on facebook .so thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and all 5000 facebook artist friends ..lots of respect for  you .. 

So here I said , 1 friend to 5000 friends ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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