Friday, March 29, 2019

Art Vibration - 514

Thanks To MyGov

Today Digital India is a Mission of our INDIAN  Government . Year 2008 to I am continue connect  to this digital world , we are calling to it online networking . online network is a very easy tool of communication with our world . its giving speed to vision of a creative person and its saving to time , energy and money too. So we can say it’s a very strong tool for joint to our world  by webs.

Online network  is work on electricity path and its live in virtual form but on monitor of PC its show to our feelings and work in form of text or visuals . I am master of fine art so after 2008 I transfer to  my art work presentation process , I came  on online network for presentation of my art or art journey . this blog I  also created in year 2008  with title  Art Vibration or by this strong tool support  it is running in our web world for art communication , you can say  it is  my  canvas, story book of  my art journey in digital form . so I can say I am supporting to campaign Digital INDIA .  

I am happy our Digital INDIA campaign team is notice to me as a art master in this Digital web world . in  first week of month march 2019 , I received a mail from MYGOV  web portal . they posted me a link for registration of myself on that link . by guide line of MYGOV  portal I registered  to myself  as a artist  and I participated in a quiz section,  that’s about join to PADAM AWARD 2019 . In 90 seconds they needed to me 10 answers of 10 questions .  so I did tried and answered in very short time . 

They selected to me for audience of PADAM AWARD 2019  at RASHTRAPATI BHAWAN INDIA . for prove they posted me a certificate  with excellence word.  Here I want to share that image  for your notice. Kind  your information I got a good printout of that good certificate for respect to interest of MYGOV .  I converted to a digital certificate in hard copy print out form and save in my art data .  

They selected me as a art master  so I am thankful for MYGOV .Portal of INDIA. 

After quiz of PADAM AWARD 2019 , I joined to Quiz section of world  women’s DAY  or Health Care  campaign too. I received  two more  certificates from MYGOV. That’s Digital Images I am sharing with  you at here  for your notice.  

Before this blog post I have been  shared that certificates of MYGOV on my all digital online networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,whatsapp and on blog of Three Time PADAM Award  winner  Dr. Amitabh Bachchan  .

I also shared that three Certificates with Our Hon’Ble  President of INDIA or our Prime Minister of INDIA .I shared that with Media of INDIA ( print media or Digital Media too. ) 

Here I am writing it or sharing with  you because I received  very first time a certificate  in my life from MYGOV. I am feeling they are trusting on me and  my art journey .  because by this digital path I am presenting to our Contemporary INDIAN Art in  our world art family.  So MyGov team  thought  I can get chance for join to PADAM AWARD 2019  Function of our RASHTRAPATI BHAWAN  INDIA . 

One more region is , year 2019 I dedicate on this art vibration to our Hon’ble  President of INDIA ( on home page  you will see to image of our Hon’Ble  President of INDIA or I am registering  to  my digital work achievement at here)  .  I am feeling it, it is  my real art achievement  a Call by MyGov  for Join to PADAM AWARD 2019 . so a thanks to MYGOV. 

Yogendra  Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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