Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Art Vibration - 531

Some Time  I Surprise To My Selection Of Art Medium…

Art Run on Base/path/track of art Medium , it can sound, stone, wood, clay, mettle , color,human body and much more ..there are no limitation in art medium . this art medium come in selection about art  by artist or creative person. 

Cave Art / Egypt Art/ Ajanta / Elora / Elephenta / Jain Temple were created by stone , stone is art medium today in art . but in first time that was came selection by human of  cave . for cave person that stone was available very easily near that cave person  so he/she was selected that or expressed to inner sound. Today we are indicating to his /her free expressions ,that is art form of past / history . today we are surprise to their hard work or working capacity . they cut to hard surface for soft inner sound .they wrote history on stone for us. They are our real teacher’s so I salute to them from my deep heart. 

As a art student I am follower of them or I can say we all contemporary creative artists are followers of them . it is true . because they are teaching to us , you use to any medium about  your soft inner expressions. It will come as a art or art medium for your future . 

So I am trying something new every time about  my art expressions .i am braking to my thought or that’s single way of expression .it is another true of  my art journey  . my artists friends are know it very well or some art viewer / art collectors too. It is true . 

Last week I completed a new art work of myself . in that work  art medium I did not used any academic used  art medium , so I also surprise for that. I am asking to myself how to I select that medium for this art work .

Actually I saw a fuse bulb at home, my  family want to through that in dust been . but I stopped them and I said I will do something new with it so please give me this fuse bulb . I got that and came in my studio . I visualize a 3D face on that fuse bulb or  I started paper art work on that fuse bulb .

In 15 hours work or practice cum exercise I converted to that fuse bulb in form of a portrait sculpture , I created a king style face .  I covered to that face by brown paper .

But story is not end at here . after complete that portrait work I started thinking about  pedestal of that portrait .so I went on a electronic item shop . I demanded a single holder of a bulb and a point box ( wooden box of 4X4 inches ) . this kind of another exercise for selection of medium of a pedestal . that selection was right so I got a right pedestal for  portrait work . here  you can notice to  my selection of art medium activity . how to I visualize a portrait in a fuse bulb and how to I designed a pedestal for that portrait .

 it is noticeable because I was surprised to my art medium selection . I saw result of this art exercise , when I show the fuse bulb ( in form of a portrait sculpture )  image in front of shop keeper of electronic items , he was not accepting if that portrait is on a fuse bulb ..ha ha .. 

In visuals of that art work  you can see it ..

So here I said  some time I surprise to my selection of art medium …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
\Bikaner, INDIA

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