Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Art Vibration..43


Here i am saying this because i had face it in my art journey. in year 2004-05 , i were waiting the result of my masters at Jaipur,INDIA. One day i were received a phone call from my friend his name Artist NITIN Goswami a theater artist of INDIA. He asked to me can you create the prop for our theater in fiber . then i did asked to him what i will create for you young man in fiber .after listen my question he told me i want to meet to you in evening time so came at art collage we will talk on this matter .in evening time i were went to the Art collage and i saw Artist Nitin was presented there for art meeting. we were sited in a tea shop and started the talk about prop matter. that time Artist Nitin were told me we are going to France with Director Dr. Ravi Chaturvedi . that was a international theater festival in France.Dr. Ravi Chaturvedi and his team was participated in that international theater festival from INDIA. Artist Nitin told me we want to play on the stage a traditional war seen by our presentation of art .so we want the prop of war tool in fiber because we cant transport the real war tool that was out of rule we had got this type guide line from international theater festival of France.so we had selected your name for this support and art work . Artist Nitin told me i did saw your work in fiber when you were working in your masters study at Rajsthan school of Art Jaipur.that time i were free and waiting of result so i were accepted his offer as a prop designer Artist . i were asked to Nitin what i will create for you in fiber then he told me some TARKASH,BHALE,DHANUSH,TALWAR or DHAAL in real size.that was a fiber casting work and that time i had no any studio for fiber casting work but i had my rental room that was not a big room but i can work so i were ready for that art work i accepted his offer after that evening meeting at Art collage. that was a special offer for me for my artistic identity in theater society Jaipur.

Artist Nitin were gave me some design about prop and some money for fiber casting work. kind your information before fiber casting all art work design want some clay model and then plaster mold and then we can casting in fiber, any design.but that time i had only one studio that was my rental small room no any clay or no any idea for mold casting or etc...ha

I were taken a big risk for myself art knowledge but i were confident about my commitment .i were demand only 15th days for that art work from Artist Nitin . next day i were started the thinking about new art work with new method of casting work because i had no any system of academic casting work at my room so that was a challenge a real challenge for my master 's...ha

i were transfer the form of clay in tharmacolshit and then i were design some prop design on
tharmacol shit and i were brake the definition of clay model for fiber casting that time i were not sure but 80% i were got a creative idea for that art work i had done clear first stage for fiber casting challenge by me. here i want to share that tharmacol out cut design for your visit.

this is a first stage of that creative art challenge of myself art journey in collage i were created a big size post office stamp but that was a academic work with academic method. in prop casting work i had brake that academic definition .when i were created out cut of all prop design by tharmacol i were taken second step that was plaster mold . i were taken mold by plaster one by one in my smallroom. but i had done complete second step with confidence . here i want to share that plaster molding work visual for your knowledge.

you can visit in this visual i were taken plaster mold on drawing bord for 3D prop design. i were taken plaster mold in two part of a one prop that was tuf work and i were alone in this art project no helper no any support from others. you can say that was a complete mind test of a master from hisself art energy.ha

After plaster molding work i were invited to Artist Nitin for visit his art work progress he came and visit my room and told me oh sir you are doing this work at here its not a right place for this work i told him yes but i had change the work method so i can do it at here easily .finally he was happy to my work he came in confidence after visit my small art studio and big work confidence.

After 5 days i were started the fiber casting work for that prop design by plaster mold. here i want to share that casting work visual for your visit.then you can know what i had created by myself creative vision in short time in a small room.

you can visit in this visual how to i did cast the 3D model in fiber medium.when i were casting the TALWAR AND DHANUSH that time i were feel some trouble in casting of DHAL .kind your information DHAL is a tool of war for self protection .thats safe like a wheel disk and that was not possible in tharmacol out cut so i were started the new search of a creative idea for DHAL and then i were went to market and buy a clay "PARATI " we Indian put the curd for cool you can say that was old freezer for curd or a natural freezer.I were casted the DHAL from That clay PARATI.

Over all in 14th days i were casted all prop of war tool by me with a new academic method about fiber casting . i were search a short and easy way for casting work by me in presser of creativity.
here i want to share a visual, in this visual you can see the all prop design after final casting work.

when Artist Nitin Goswami had collected that prop that time he told me thanks because he did got the right prop for international theater festival. kind your information i had not taken any charge for that art work because that was my exercise and research work for a new method of fiber casting so that time art work was must for me and art exercise was must ,money was not..ha
After 4 month of that art work i were got a browser of that international theater festival of France from Artist Nitin . i were saw my name in that browser as a prop designer artist YOGENDRA .I think that was my real income from that art work and that income payed me Theater Director Dr. Ravi Chaturvedi from his vision by way of Artist Nitin Goswami. that time i were told thanks to Dr. Rivi Chaturvedi by my mobile SMS...ha

Yogendra Kumar Purohit

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