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Art Vibration..46


In year 2000, i were designed my first live stage show for live painting with live music . that was millennium year 2000. i were presented myself first art activity In my home town Bikaner by Live music with painting stage show in town hall. In collage time i had not taken any kind of training about music with painting but that time my art sound was very strong about new challenge with new concept of art .that was my self art test . when i were designed the project of that art show then i were planed the money matter. In that time i were thought like a professional artist.so i were selected some sponsor for that art event and i did created some promotion card for art and culture with 25 rupees cost.that was a donate card for art promotion by art lover and visitors.
when i were started that event plan that time i were selected a back up and i did got a very strong back up for that art event his name Mr. BHAWAR SAWAMI a social worker. he is close to our family he is just like a big brother of my mother.when i were share my idea with him then he did promoted my artistic idea. He told me you do start i am with you. Then i did search the sponsor in my home town and i did got very confident sponsor for my art event .
1.Archana Color lab Bikaner.
2.Pankaj Studio,Bikaner.
3.Vinayak computers,Bikaner.
4.Dev Computers,Bikaner.
5.K. Raj decorator,Bikaner.
6.M.Y. advertising co.Bikaner.

In this update visuals you can visit the name and event information of MUSIC WITH PAINTING by entry card, poster image and permission latter image of Municipality Director Bikaner.

This is a entry card or donation card for visitors.

This is a poster image of Music With Painting art event .

Letter copy image of permission letter of Municipality Bikaner.

After publication of poster and donate card i were designed a logo of that event and i did exhibited that logo sign in a press meeting . There i were invited to all media of Bikaner and Mr. Bhawar Swami (social worker) and his friend Mr. Vyas ji.Here i want to share that press meeting visuals for your visit.

Left Side to Mr. Bhawar Swami social worker ,Mr. Vyas ji & Myself with logo of Music with painting art event in press meeting year 1999."RHYTHM 2000."

Reposter of Rajasthan Patrika and Denik Yugpaksh and myself we are talking on music track and painting language.After press meet i were created some invitation for vip people of Bikaner. i were invited to National awarded Artist Shri Mahaveer Swami and municipality director Mr. Vijay Kapoor as a guest. they were accepted my invitation with happiness . after that i were invited to some more artist and art lover of my home town Bikaner, kind your information that time Film Director Mr. Jagmohan Mundhada and his film unite was in Bikaner for shoot of film"BAWANDAR" . I were read about him and his unite by news paper and one day i were went to shooting village JANJEU by bus with invitation of Music with painting event . By luck i were meet to him live in Janjeu Village . we were told to his helper i want to invite to Sir Jagmohan Ji for my art event, he did reply me wait for 30 minute after 30 minute he did came on shoot, after 30 minute i were meet to him live and i were submitted my invitation of music with painting event .He did read that invitation and told me sorry i am very busy in shooting project we will live busy in 20 hour at present but my good wish for you and best of luck. On shooting place i were saw to actor Raghuveer singh Yadav ,then i did wrote his name on a invitation and submitted in his hand .He asked to me what is this young man? I were reply to him this is a invitation of my stage show its music with painting live show so you are invited for visit . He did reply me when i will get free time i will come for visit your live art show its sure.ok.
when i were coming back at home town from JANJEU village that time i saw to Deepti Naval Ma'm she was in jeep and i were walking on the road. when i saw her in jeep i told to jeep driver stop stop in my Bikaneri style( Marwadi). He did stop the jeep and i were taken a invitation in my hand for submitted to Artist Deepti naval Ma'm ,kind your information Deepti naval Ma'm is a painter and in Bawandar film she was a art director . when i were trying to submitted my invitation in hand of Deepti Naval Ma'm, she thought something different for me why i don't know but she got angry and told me no no i am not interested in your art invitation go go..her elder sister was sited with her in jeep. she did got angry on Deepti Naval Ma'm. she told to her why you are getting angry on this boy he is just giving you a invitation of art event. that time i told to Deepti Naval Ma'm ,Ma'm you are senior artist and a painter of our nation and i am junior artist i saw you here then i did hope, you can visit my art event as a senior artist so i did try to submitted my invitation to you . but she did not accepted my invitation. i think her mood was very upset from work presser ..ha

On 31-12-1999 .All world was busy in enjoy the millennium night and i were started the live fight for myself, live painting with Live music track on stage of town hall Bikaner. I did called to orchestra team that was from Mr. Bhardwaj.At 7 pm of 31-12-1999 ,the orchestra team came at town hall and i were presented there with my 7 X 4 fit's canvas . I told to orchestra unite i had exercise on tune GHUMAR FOLK SONG, MORIYA ACHOBOLYORE ADHI RAAT NE Folk Song and last song was Film TAAL. i were demanded only musical rhythm on all three song's and when i did finished my painting then you will stop your music i told to orchestra team. i told to them ,I will take time for painting 10th to 15th minute for each one painting.The musician team was ready for company to my art presentation, that was a challenge for orchestra unite or for myself. Because we had not preform live joint art presentation of music with paiting before that art event in our art life.Finally 8 pm our guest National awarded Artist Mr. Mahaveer swami came at town hall and then we were started the first step of our art event . The light of lamp from guest.Here i want to share some visuals of that stage activity for your knowledge.

National Awarded Artist Shri Mahaveer Swami and myself is lighting the candle of 2000 its symbol of millennium.

Artist Mahaveer swami is sharing his past life moment with art lover from Town hall stage in event Music with Painting 31-12-1999 town hall Bikaner.back side orchestra team,

Municipality Director Mr. Vijay Kapoor and social worker Mr. Bhawar swami
in event of Music with painting town hall date 31-12-1999,Bikaner.

Art lover watching the live music with painting show ,town hall 31-12-1999,Bikaner.

After complete the first stage activity i were started the live painting on music track . i were finished my first painting in 6 to 8 minute that was on Ghumar folk rhythm. visitor were enjoying that art presentation and after that i were created one more painting on music rhythm Moriya a one more folk song second painting i did finished in 7 minute with full speed of painting on 7 X 4 fit canvas. i were in art energy that time.ha

After two painting the Director of Municipality Mr. Vjay Kapoor were came at town hall and he did saw, i had been created two art work in short time then he did came on stage and gave me a challenge , he told Yogendra you have painted two big painting in 15 minute and next painting you will paint so i am giving you only 8 minute for your next painting if you can paint in 8 minute then i will accept you are a good and strong artist of our Bikaner. He told it on stage in mid of visitor that was a open challenge for me i were ready for that challenge and i did accepted his open challenge and started the next and last painting of that live painting presentation. I were selected the song film TALL .That's word is "TAAL SE TAAL MILA " kind your information i were finished that painting in only 6 minute on rhythm of taal music. when i were finished that last painting all visitor was clapping in town hall . In that case Mr. Vijay Kapoor sir came on stage and told to me very good yogendra you have finished this painting in only 6 minute its great work so best of luck and keep it up. My blessing for you always..! over all i were gain the super power from art for myself and i did completed that art event from my art vision and support of supporters.Next day news paper was published my art activity and i did created a place in art canvas of Bikaner by art event Music with painting ..ha
here some media cutting for your vision and knowledge.

News paper Rajasthan patrika ,Denik Bhaskar ,Denik yugpaksh,Nawjyoti ,Lokmat,Rastradoot was published my art event in news paper on 1-1-2000.
and after that a National writer Mr. Manish kumar Joshi was wrote a article on event Music with Painting and Navjyoty news paper was published his article in sunday magazine of NAVJYOTI news paper. that's cutting for your vision. Its in hindi text.he did wrote for me in his article "SOMTHING SPECIAL & DIFFERENT TO HIS AGE"

millennium art show was my real self start for a long art journey of myself. Music with painting was a self live test in mid of people and i did got pass mark from art lover and visitors in limited time . that day i did got win on my hesitation condition by self confidence. It was possible from pure and true art power . I were designed it in myself by art exercise and its continue with me today after 10 years..ha..!

Yogendra Kumar Purohit


manish joshi said...

golden days golden memories

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yogi bro !
mujhe aaj bhi wo samay '' swarnim '' yaad hai , jis naa bikaner bhula sakta hai naa hi yaha ke kala premi .aap kala ke naye naye aayam drz karate rahe ye hum kaman karte hai ,