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Art Vibration..44


Today i am committed with myself for my art journey. You can say its in my nature and this nature is design of my foundation education. I think after 10th class we get the real way of life education for real track of life. Every one have the dream in his or her life after 10th i were share my dream with family, I told, I want to get education of fine art for my life.I want to make me a artist. That time my family member was not happy to my dream they want to gave me education of Agriculture.But i saw my future in Fine Art as a Artist that time . You can say that was a god gift to me and may be i will share with you some more in next post then you can know how and why i came in art and why art was pulling me every time and thats result i am here with you by way of art.I am right ?..ha

kind your information by luck my home town Bikaner had a Fine Art Subject in a government School ,M.M.School,Bikaner that was foundation subject of master of Fine Art. ( today i am master in fine art..) so that was a advantage for me. Finally i did got admission in fine art Subject
that time i were fight to some family member but i were win to them. because i did know my art sound and ability of art.Fine art education admission was my first foundation study track for real art journey. Year 1992 i were started my fine art study as a professional art student. My hand and vision was working for fine art from child hood age and after admission in fine art i did got a real canvas for my art journey. I were happy with my selection of art subject. In my class we were 33 to 35 art student and i were in top 5 by my art work. as a creative mind i were top in 35 art student all were know that very well.Because i were working extra work for myself art study at home with lots of exercise for my betterment . Two year i had work very hard for my best art presentation i were got first Division with 72%. when i were clear my 12th class . That time my art teacher had brake my art level.It mean i could came in merit as a toper but some student were went to his home for twision but i were confident about my art work and vision because i had exercise very much for my best art presentation in examination and i had presented very well my art power in exam time by me .But that was my two test by my art teacher first was my art vision and second was my patience .I saw all were wrong in our class but i were with art sound my mouth was silent..

A interesting seen of my practical exam day . Our examiner came from other city and he was friend of my relative and by luck my relative was presented in my school for meet to him that time he did asked to me about my study i told him i am fine art student and today is my practical exam. then he told me my friend will take your practical exam. i can give to him order for your best mark he will give you the best mark after my order. i were reply to him no thanks i want to check his art sense and i want to know what he think about art and art student and his hard work or art education. after listen my answer my relative gave me a silent smile and told me best of luck. here i want to share my collection of 12th level art education art work visuals for your visit. i had created three file in final practical submission , one was still life and composition
second was graphic art and third was advertising . that was my real study work by self exercise today i can say that was a real hard work from a art student of 12th level art education .

In that case ,when i were gave my Graphic art practical exam that day i were created a image on lino for print . kind your information i were selected that art work image from a art book and that book was in our central library of Bikaner . i were member of our Central library in i were draw a sketch from that book and then came at home and i were memorize that image line before exam day, in night time 2 pm. Here i want to share that art work image for your visit that was myself art memory test and i were passed in that self exam.ha

On practical day i were draw that image on a white paper by memory and then i were transfer that image on lino shit and after lino cut i got a right print in practical time .But after that hard exercise i couldn't achieved the merit marks from art teacher but i did got the scholarship by Education board Ajmer .ha.. That was a promotion of truth art by god and by luck..ha

It was my first training in foundation education time ..! In same time year 1992 i were got admission in AIR WING N.C.C. that was my second hard training in my school for two year . One side Art training and second side army training both were complicated job for a boy. One was designing mind vision and creativity and second was designing body control , self emotion control, time dedication and respect to real duty with discipline .In Air wing training i were learn the duty and responsibility of life in society. Air wing N.C.C. had design in myself a hard worker and a fighter .Fight to condition fight to negative time fight to uneducated environment or etc.In Air wing N.C.C. training i were taken gun in my hand after soft and light wight painting brush ha.
kind your information i were top shooter in my Air Wing N.C.C. training . i did got 20 bullets for shooting on target and i were shoot that very perfect and shooting officer of Air Wing N.C.C. Jodhpur had saved my shooting target paper in his record with my name . That time my trainer gave me commanding charge of our Air Wing N.C.C. group. i were command to all in a ground we all are 50 Air wing N.C.C. cadets. i were control on all 49 cadets in pared and cadet march with sound command .left torn, fast march , right torn and salute ,left salute right salute etc. here i want to share some visuals of that training time of Air wing N.C.C. year 1992 to 94.

Myself in uniform of Air Wing N.C.C. as a group commander year 1994.

I were shoot 20 bullets and 7 on main target by gun .22mm.

In morning time i were lived busy in fine art training and in evening time i were lived busy in Air wing N.C.C. training both training made me a complete learner of life.I were learn the life is a real war for a human every time and on every place so self fight is very must for war win.This word i were listen in JODHPUR Air Wing N.C.C. training camp by a senior Officer and pilot Mr. S.N. Thanmpi sir.ha
In 1994 our trainer Mr. Yashpaal sir had started a education road show with Air wing N.C.C. cadets. we were participated in that road show and i had created lots of posters for that educational road show of our N.C.C. here i want to share a visual of that road show. I were in front of that educational road show as a group commander .

I hope after read this post you can know something more about my art journey and it was a real fight of myself for art and art discipline .I had done it in 1992 to 94 that time i were living two roll in a one day morning time artist and evening time army man 1992 to till today that both roll in my nature and its continue with my art journey may be you will feel it after talk to me and after read my this blog..ha

A Salute to all from my Artistic heart.. thanks....ha

Yogendra Kumar Purohit

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desert_photographer said...

it is please to know me your art and its emotions and motivation and dedication to your zeal towards art
i salute your spirit
and work done in this field
Rakesh sharma