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Art Vibration..45

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A group of contemporary artist of India.

Artist left side to on chair : Mr. Apoorv,Purnima,Aaradhana,Mr. Yogendra kumar purohit
Artist left side : Mr. Sanajy Verma & Mr.Sohan singh jakhar. this is our first group photo as a Founder Member of "MANTHAN" art Group year 1999...!

year 1999, I were in final year of my B.F.A. Painting . My one junior was very close to our painting class and to me . His name Mr.Apoorv sharma . One day we were sited in our class that time he did started the talk about our art exhibition in Jaipur.he did that talk because he is belonging to a art family his grand father Mr. DevkiNandan ji sharma was a great artist of Rajasthan in traditional art and his father is a also great artist and at present he is working for contemporary art in India.
Mr. Apoorv was my junior but that time he was my friend and talk to me like a younger brother we were talk lots of days on a one topic about art and culture .that was our art nature in daily life of art study .mostly i were criticism on art as a critic in art talk Mr. Apoorv and my class fallow Mr. Sanjay verma and Mr. sohan singh jakhar were talk on that criticism some time i were right and some time my friend but we were talk as a artist and as a critic . that art talk was running at our rental room. kind your information in year1999, i were lived with sohan singh jakhar in a rental room .that time i were learning how to fight to time by self and sohan was learning how to live life with self style by my support.
I were trying to make smile on his face every day by my activity and today he is thankful for my that art and heart support .He is younger to me so i were lived with him as a elder brother in our rental room . some time i were criticism on his wrong activity and some time i did promote his life steps. mr.sanjay verma house was very near of our rental room so after collage he did came our room after 3 pm and then we went to sketching . we were sited at the tea shop of our colony and Mr. Apoorv was came there and join us. After sketching we came our room and we were started the art talk on a one topic .some time we did got angry mood and we did stop the talk for some day on art topic . But we did talk in our art collage .it was our daily life rule in year 1999. we were lived like a family we were not friend we were living like brother's. One day Apoorv told me i am going to exhibit of my art work ,are you coming with me or not just answer me ? i were told to him i am with you then he asked same question to sohan and then sanjay and after that he asked to our class fallow Puranima kind your information Artist purnima from my home town but i were not talk to any girl in my collage with out work my collage and collage studentswere know it very well...ha..ha
when apoorv share her name with us and he told purnima will come with us for art exhibition then we asked to Apoorv why ? Apoorv told me she is my elder sister so i were invited her and she is coming for art exhibition then we told ok as you like younger brother..ha

we were four member was ready to a art exhibition in that case artist purnima had invited to a one more girl artist she was our senior Aaradhan ji. over all we six artist's was ready for a self group show in Jaipur from Art collage . One day we were started select the name of art group that time we were search lots of example and name but finally we were selected the name "MANTHAN" because we were lived the MANTHAN every day in ourself for art and art way...ha

we were selected the designer for our browser and invitation of first art exhibition in our art collage then we did got our lovely and very nice person Mr. Waqar Bhai he is our senior . Mr. waqar Bhai had created a logo for our "MANTHAN" we were respected for his art sense and art design you can say we were confident about his creativity in art collage. kind your information i am attached to waqar bhai today, by my inner feeling and it will be continue in my life with full respect for him and for his art sense ..ha
Here i want to share his designed logo of MANTHAN and some browser of Manthan Art Exhibition's for your knowledge.

In this visual you can visit the logo of MANTHAN Art group. its designed by our senior WAQAR bhai.1999.

"UDGAM" it was a first title of our group exhibition . we were book the big gallery of Jawahar kala kendra " CHATURDIG ART GALLERY" kind your information that was our first exhibition and we were exhibit 100 painting in that exhibition . that was a very big art show of Rajasthan from Rajasthan School of art students . Our all senior were presented there and they were visited our art work and promoted us ,media were support us very much and i can say that was our very successful art show as a group with creative sound of contemporary INDIAN art.

In our exhibition we did putted the visitor book the daily notebook of a shop keeper here i want to share that notebook visual for your visit.In that notebook concept we did show the visitor comment is our real income...ha

1999 to MANTHAN had started the art journey with contemporary artist .we all were fresh with fresh art energy . after 1999 we were pass out from Rajasthan school of art and our MANTHAN were stop the art activity because MANTHAN artist had changed the way of life .Mr. Apoorv went to London for art study and girls went with her life partners .But i were lived the sound of Manthan and in same mood my friend sanjay and sohan so we were restarted the exhibitions of "MANTHAN" i were lived in Bikaner and Sohan and sanjay was in Jaipur that was our very storng time we were communicate by letters and by phone call's we were fixed our exhibition and then we were meet on exhibition hall time to time in that time we were invited some more youth artist as a guest artist of "MANTHAN" . After founder member we were added to Mr. Chetan Choudhay. Mr. Mukul Mishra, Dr. Mihir pandiya & Ar.Koushal choudhary in MANTHAN and after 1999 we had exhibit two exhibition at LALIT KALA ACADEMY NEW DELHI, one exhibition at SUDHARSHANA KALA DHIRGHA ,Bikaner and one exhibition at JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA or one exhibition at SANMUKH NANDA HALL .MUMBAI. 2003 was our last exhibition of MANTHAN. we couldn't come back in mood of group exhibition and life had move. we all were on different way of art life so exhibition was stop by MANTHAN.

some more visuals of our art exhibition of JAIPUR,BIKANER,DELHI,MUMBAI.year 2001 to 2003 .

MANTHAN is continue with us today.........................................ha

Yogendra kumar purohit

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