Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Art Vibration - 376


Myself  Drawing  In Pencil  ( Transforming  Job  )

Friend we all are art family member ,we  know about art ..art is a exercise of transfer to our inner  virtual visuals in form of real visuals . we all artist is expressing our inner sound and transfer to that in a creative form , that form can   music , dance , performance , instrumental performance , drama , sculpture , painting,  installation , research , and all kind of transformation  is form of art in our human life . 

Late Philosopher Plato  was told about it but he was said , we artist is doing copy to natural creation , that natural creation  can  natural live visuals or may be our own imaginational visuals of our inner side .  Sir Plato  Said we all artists are  just tool of art , we are nothing everything by God  so god is  one and only artist of our universe .yes I am agree with him but . when I read to INDIAN art philosophy , here our philosophers were gave freedom to artist for creation of his/her own  thought , and student of Plato late  philosopher Arastu was also accepted artist have own vision and freedom for change to creation for natural aesthetic feeling. 

Myself  painting In Color ( Transforming Job )

But one thing is fact we all artist are doing copy of our vision when we create our own conceptual art work on canvas . but I am not saying to that copy , I am saying to that , that is a exercise of transformation . we are transfer to our inner sound by line ,color, sound, body or play . ( it is medium of transformation of our inner sound  .) 

I am enjoying to this transformation job in art creation. It is giving freedom to artist and it can create more wide space in creation filed for a creative artist . a artist can give many visuals and form to one concept or idea by different mediums . 

This transformation of creation job is giving many idea and challenge to a creative artist  when artist  follow to this transformation job in art work creation . you know last eight years to I am continue busy in art work creation on a one concept . that is myself .
In this creation journey or transformation job  I have created up to 1600 visuals and it is continue with me about myself art journey . in this long journey all time I am transforming  my inner vision and visuals  on canvas . 

Myself  in Collage Painting ( Transforming Job )

Some time I were transferred my vision  by single  pencil after that in colors  or collage style and some more art forms . that all art forms are just a transformation of  my inner sound cum vision about myself art. I were taken challenged about transfer to  my vision  in different art form that was also transforming exercise by me , first was drawing ,  Drawing to I were transferred in color painting , Color painting to I were transferred in collage painting( paper cutting and pasting work )  its all exercises were gave me more capacity for creation or transformation to one concept  in different – different medium ,   I were enjoyed this job  or enjoying it today . because art concept is creating own job for a artist or that’s transformation is give a art work to society for there use or education + refreshment . 

Transformation job  create the presence of artist or creator  in our society or that creation can register to contemporary culture, thought , life style and time record for future culture in our nature ..

So here I said transformation job is interesting job …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


yogendra kumar Purohit said...

Senior Artist and my Fb friend Richard Kushinsky said it in facebook chat after read to this post of art vibration ..
he said it .. Idon't remember exactly what I said. it generally was that what nature creates can't be improved upon but we as artists have an obligation to see thingd in a different light which has been going on since the caveman drew on walls interpreting life as he saw it, every artist from every age has continued the practice of interpreting the life we lead from the artifacts around us and trying to give them meaning, religious people talk of findinding GAod, spiritual people talk offinding peace, scientific people of how it came to be and we, artists talk of finding the truth, it all means the same thing, its called "understanding"

Virve Karotam said...

Nice...Especially like your collages !

yogendra kumar Purohit said...

A Senior Artist of Italy Sir Enzo Marino was said it about this blog post of art vibration ..
he said it ..( I hope you understand the topic. correct me if I misunderstood you. thanks

---"God is everything! God and the universe! He understands the existent and non-existent. the visible and the invisible. The real and the fantastic. The universe is a huge computer. It is an endless brain where every single element, such as the micro chip, exchange information with all others. Its power is given by what exists, from the operation of its mechanism and helplessness in understanding human existence.
This is God! Great and infinite and we are part of it.
We are of the micro - chip of this infinite network. We are an integral part of this system, "Computer - God." Our existence is necessary to exchange information that make it functional and large. We are the proofs of its existence because we are part of it. The artists with their art testify to the existence "God - Brain infinite" and to be an integral part of it.
It can be said that artists are a "piece" of God and their art exalt him in glory. So the artists are "God" most of the other elements that make it up."--- )