Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Art Vibration - 378


Myself  busy to fly to my crafted big kite
Crafted big kite in sky
Craft is a name of our use full item or product. It can one or malty in our home or in our life . we have many crafted culture in our history . we human was crafted that from our vision or manual exercise . we have unlimited craft or design  for our life . craft is giving easiness to our life , craft is giving happiness to our life, craft is giving a identity to our  life and culture .

We know craft was started with birth of human on this earth , first human was crafted craft item by stone, wood, animal skin , after maturity of human society or culture we human designed craft by metals, ropes , cloths  or  by fur of animals . 

We human designed craft for use of body or for our vision peace . By progress of time we human used to craft for celebration events  . for celebration we human were designed some special craft  that is using just for celebration  or fun  motion in  our life. We are saying to that festival of our culture .

You know  I am in Bikaner  and this city was designed  before 528 years ago in desert site . King RAV BIKAJI was founded this city  and on foundation  day he was started celebration by kite flying activity . our city foundation day is AKHA TEEJ by Date of VEDIK PANCHANG ( Calendar  ) .

big kite is flying  in sky

Kid are enjoying to big craft ( kite flying   from his roof )
So on day of AKHA TEEJ  my city live busy in use of special craft  that is kite , kite is fly in sky , we know  this craft have a special science format that is  air+ thread + paper kite combination  in sky .
As a art master  I were noticing to this craft format and today I am crafting kite by myself  with correct science format of kite craft . Before two months I were crafted a big size kite from my hand  in  my studio that was in 5 X 5 fits size . 

On day of Bikaner Foundation AKHA TEEJ , I were flying to that big craft ,kite in sky , by luck that’s crafting process was right so that big kite was flying perfectly in sky with fast blowing air . 

When I were flying to that big craft other people of other roofs  were watching to that and enjoying to that big craft flying in sky . they were getting fun by big size of kite . so  my big craft work was converted  in art work or in master work ..ha ha ..

Here some visuals of that big craft of myself  for  your visit or fun full enjoy ..i hope  you will notice and enjoy it ..

Because in real  my big craft was flied  in sky … 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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yogendra kumar Purohit said...

My Italian artist friend Enzo Marino
said it about this post ..he wrote it
This is my comment on your blog:

"do you fly the kite, you fly your thoughts, you soar your art!"