Saturday, May 16, 2015

Art Vibration - 381


This photo by  Sharad  Joshi
Practice make man perfect .. this statement  is very fact for our perfection  in our life. Every day we practice for our better life or future from our self energy or vision . it is working  for us . we know it ,  so we are follow to this format about us  in our life , every day or day by day till last day of our life.

Life is run on our earth by energy and energy is coming in  us by food and food is coming for us from farmlands of our earth. So farmland is very must for our human life . today time is very critical some uneducated people are killing to farmland or they are converting to farmland in factory of mask production,  in that case we human are losing to our energy production field . they don’t know without energy of human  how to life will run on earth with other products ? it is a big question to our human family by me . are  you agree with me or not ? 

The farmer blood in  my body because I am belonging to a very historical farming family ( MAD KOTADI PUROHIT Family ) late great father Shri Shivratan Purohit ji  of  my late great grandfather Shri Bulaki Das Purohit ji was designing  farmer’s   in his village MAD ( energy creator machine about life ) from his farming experience . He was gave exercise to juniors and his juniors were got a right farming education from him for next step of life . so I can say his blood is in me because I am grandson of him .i can say for him, he was dictionary of farming language .ha ha 

Last Year Exercise for care to farm clay ...2014 ( natural canvas of myself )
You know last three years to continue I am busy in exercise of farming project work  . I am saying to that natural painting in  my art language  . The farm is in  my view a big canvas and every year I am improving to that canvas surface for better energy production by work of farming . In that case I am caring to clay of our farm land. In last post of this subject on art vibration I shared how to I were cared the clay of our farm land , I were filled  clay in plastic bags and put on boundary of our farm land for stop to clay cutting by rain water. That was exercise by me on action format of army action. In that work  I were used my education of Air wing NCC training. 

Last week I were done one more exercise for  my big canvas and I filled clay in some deep holes of farm land and yesterday I were implemented a new creative idea or I did exercised for care to our farm land clay . that was 15 hours hard exercise by me,  there I were director , idea creator and labor too . For that exercise I were used very cheap medium for low cost about  my pocket , that was not academic idea for farm land care exercise ,   but I were taken risk because I am confident on medium work . yes i were selected plastic net that is light and strong that’s net holes is very small so water can pass but farm clay will stop on boundary  side when rain will come . 

New exercise for care to farm clay  ..2015 ( natural canvas of myself ) This photo by  Narendra Purohit 

I were filled 400 fits farmland boundary side by our farm clay ,so this kind of exercise is very must for care to clay and money too .in visuals  you will see how to in 15 hours exercise I were completed to work of care to farmland clay by a new exercise of creative idea . 

This photo by  Sharad  Joshi
After that hard work  and new exercise today I am confident about farm land clay . the clay will set in farmland and then there to we can produce to more energy about life in form of food corn . 

So I said to it a new exercise …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA  

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