Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Art Vibration - 382

After 5 year,  Today I am remembering to my
Critical Drawing

Cast format was designed in India at  time of VEDIK TIME ..In that time the kings were gave work to people on their working capacity for development of country or states . With time that cast format converted in different level of human  society . in past cast format was defined to work but today that cast format define to human . it is critical in our educated time of today ..but it is also a time design so what we can do with this critical time ? 

Someone have no idea how to clear to this cast format for our future so in confusion they are doing fight , strike and stop to work of government of INDIA . About  cast format fight I did saw lots of losses  of life , time , education , income and real progress of INDIA . But we INDIAN have no right way about this complicated cast format of today. 

Cast format give chance to capable person and cast people are wanting reservation in work for their cast it is opposite but it is today in INDIA . 

Education for design to mind but today mind is designing reservation in education ..ha ha. They are not making mind for better work they are making reservation for safe life by support of cast format. I don’t know when we Indian will come out to this critical cast format system or to cast reservation demand ?  

In year 2008 my friend journalist Harish b Sharma Bikaner  was called me for a illustration work . he was wanted  to me a sketch on reservation fight of GURJAR ( CAST of cow boys ) strike . so as a art master I were observed to all strike matter and that’s impression on life then I were created  a illustration in monochrome  color . 

 I were shared that illustration with him and then on facebook too. I don’t know he was used that or not but I were saved that in  my art data  as a art work or as a documentation work of myself . 

Today after five years I am again remembering to that same art work for same fight of cast format or that’s reservation fight . In five years the cast GURJAR could not found the right solution about their cast or that’s reservation . today they are again on in strike mode and in angry mood . Today they are blocking to national way, railway, and they are in mood of open fight to Government of RAJASTHAN or  INDIA . 

It is critical , if last five years the GURJAR cast and the government of Rajasthan or INDIA was nor got any peace full salutation of this cast format problem .And today this problem once again creating problem for common man  in society of INDIA . it is unwanted tens but it is with nation. 

This cast reservation fight is connect to Government or to GUJAR CAST but it is impact on all human cast of INDIA . other cast people’s are facing unwanted trouble and fear in their city and street , in this critical condition  someone are  losing to their life  , think when no life , then what we will do with cast format  in our dead life ..ha ha ? 

This kind of think I were expressed  in my illustration work in year 2008  and today that same condition or that same subject is reopen for fight , strike or about cast reservation rights ..

So I am remembering today  my five year old art work ..or here I said about it after  five year, today  I am remembering to my critical drawing ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA      

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