Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Art Vibration - 295

Role Of Print Media In Sound Of  Our Parliament  Election

here in my nation the time is on  for our parliament election , a final test of vision of Indian citizens or political parties . it is a final exam of our nation for nation system of  next five years . we are busy to mind for active to our nation system for future or that’s betterment . in this final test all are busy totally to mind or to live activity . all political parties and that’s members are busy in campaign of parties ,our election  commission board is busy in project of educate to voters for right selection about our next parliament post and a big sector of media is also live active like a mirror of this political sound or this final test of nation  

Here I am writing this because  in this time every day news paper and some online updates  are giving  me a sound for contemporary art work .so  I have done some work  like a campaign  by news paper in form of paper sculpture  . I were observed many sound from this parliament election  sound . I were expressed that in art work form like a  campaign of a art master .  

Because I were collected all kind of information from media so I have used medium of art  to print media paper,  news paper. Here  in this post I have share with  you three type art work  by one medium .but this all three art work is different to each one . this different  art work define to different sound of our parliament election or that’s vibrant motion. 

In many  form I were  observed to our parliament election sound .it is some funny , critical,  educative or danger and some more…?  I have no more words to say for my observation, so I were converted that in form of art work by news paper .

Last week I were started work on  my observation of this parliament election. So I were created a traditional musical instrument DHOLAK . in this Creation of paper sculpture I were putted the sound of political parties or sound of election commission  board and sound of media . they all have a rhythm for our final test of our  Indian citizens by this parliament election. What I say after it about this DHOLAK art work 

Second observation I were transferred   in form of traditional weapon . ( Talwar ) it was  also created by news paper in big size 60 X 15X 8 inches . in this art work I were expressed to danger section of our election . like crime , cheating , wrong steps of political parties , fight for win  of conceptual war and some more danger condition of election war. ( our print media is expressing about it like live news  step by step there media is getting a strong role like a traditional weapon . )

Third observation I were transferred in a real size of air pump by news paper . I were created a air pump of traditional form . it is totally expressed to media  and election commission board or that’s activity. They are completely busy in pumping to vision of voter for voting  on date of election for our parliament . one side media is working like a campaign for educate to voters for voting and other side our election commission board is busy for push or pump to uneducated citizens of our nation for voting .they both are need 100 % voting for next parliament of India . because they are know 100 % voting can judge  to a good government for future of INDIA. Because it is must for  our  youth future , it is must for real progress , it is must for right education of girls, it is must for healthy nation, it is must for fresh universe , because we Indian are believe  in  it , our  world is our family (  WASUDEV KUTUMBHKAM ) ..

So here I said role of print media in sound of our parliament election ...

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


Virve Karotam said...

Yes...very interesting comparison and explanation about art and politics, and its relation to your work.
This story brought a warm smile
to my face, because really liked this...Thanks !

richard kushinsky said...

Yogendra, your words and art are essential to be able to allow the type of government that is necessary for people to prosper and grow.