Thursday, April 17, 2014

Art Vibration - 299

Color web’s  In Journey Of 

 Myself  Drawing

Drawing of  Myself  No. 10 first color web in Drawing .

Color philosophy is working in our life by light ! without light we can’t define to any color and we can’t see to any color from our eyes . our nature have many shades of color in our nature . that is red, green, yellow , blue, orange , pink , and many more , but art philosopher and science is saying our nature have only three color in base of all colors  that is red, yellow and blue .it is getting many shads and tone by light and dark effect .art logic is not accepting color black and white but in real life it is with us white is our teeth ,  eyes or hair  black color  is our hair , lens of our eyes , in nature dark night  and in day we can see clouds  in sky with white and black color .

Drawing of  Myself  No. 32 second color web in drawing .
So here I am sharing about color philosophy in my academic art education I were created lots of art work by lots of colors . but step by step my art education and vision was getting  some up level about visuals art then  my painting definition was got  some changed about painting  concept . 

Drawing of  Myself  No. 36 color web in drawing .

I were thought color in vision of artist just like a writer , a writer write  his/her  book by a one color  mostly by black color . but his writing is giving to us lots of color and imagination and we are feeling that same  color of imagination of a writer by his/ her single color writing texts. I were observed it  in year 2007-08 after my master of art education in  that time I were started observation or a self research by art language or exercise . 

Drawing of  Myself  No. 134   B & W color web in drawing .
 Actually after master education I were started painting by limited art mediums or colors , because that was a very critical time for me , one side I were wanted   to learn to real definition of painting and second side  my pocket was not permitted  to me for big canvas or ETC. I were managing to my mind, art vision and I were learning how to express my inner sound by limited art medium . so I were started painting on paper with two or three color . but that time color was in my vision I were not got a right definition of art in my vision but I was on path of that art definition collection about visual art . 

Drawing of  Myself  No.375  Malty color web in drawing .

2007 to till 2014  in seven years I have created 1400 something drawings on a one concept that is myself research  so I am saying to that art work myself art journey . in year 2009 I were leaved to color and brush for painting but I were not leaved to paper and concept of art search. I were started drawing by ink pen or pencil  on paper . when I were came with pen or pencil for drawing exercise or self research . there  I were felt light to my mind , there medium was not problem for myself art journey , I were played like a player on drawing canvas , I were explored to myself by single color drawing and I were selected very limited art symbol for drawing.   I were repeated again and again that same elements with same art medium in myself drawing . this art exercise was created in me lots of patience , dedication,  sound of commitment , self control and work capacity by  very limited art medium or objects . 

Drawing of  Myself  No. 761 monochrome  color web in drawing .
Drawing of  Myself  No. 886 malty  color web in drawing .
By luck in mid of this seven year art and drawing journey  I were faced to webs of colors . that was came in drawing or in exercise of art by unconsciously and I were gave full respect and space to that color webs in my art drawing or that’s journey .that was came in myself unconsciously but I think that was demand of time and our society .because time is moveable , it is giving some change to any one so that change was came in my vision from time or from our society . 

Drawing of  Myself  No. 887 malty  color web in drawing .
Here I am sharing some visuals of myself art drawing and that’s journey with color webs impression  . that work and that’s caption  can clear to this color web story in front side of  yours . 
Drawing of  Myself  No. 890 collage malty color web in drawing .

Drawing of  Myself  No. 1223 Collage  malty  color web in drawing .
So here I said color webs in journey of myself drawing 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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Virve Karotam said...

This story must read, not only watch drawings...certainly several times to is so good post.
Yes, was time, when i also missed the colors of your work
but now i already know, how you can convey colors only with black and white...because colors are in beholder's were teaching this !