Monday, April 14, 2014

Art Vibration - 298

Rajasthani language, literature and cultural academy was
Approved to my art work

Friends few months ago  a  writer Mr. Manish kumar Joshi was came at  my studio and he was demanded  to me a visual art help for his next book,  a child novel CHANDAN . that book was in Rajasthani language and writer Manish kumar Joshi was wanted  to me a title cover and some illustrations  for his Rajasthani child novel . I were said yes to him ,  in my very packed time of creation because I can’t say no for creative work to any one when someone need to me help of art. It is in my art nature .

About this work I were shared a post on this  art vibration blog . but that time child novel Chandan was not published .but that was ready for composing or publication so in short time I were created  eight illustrations  and one title for that child novel CHADAN.

On Sunday , in morning time writer Mr. Manish Kumar Joshi was came in my studio and he was gave me a copy of child literature Novel Chandan  .  I were saw to that published child novel in hard copy . that was came by good printing  from Sankhlaa printers  Bikaner and Munaa publication Bikaner  was composed and published  to that Rajasthani child novel Chandan .they have mansion my name as a  title designer .Rajasthani language, literature and cultural academy was donated money for publication of  Chandan Novel  about promotion to Rajasthani language .( I were created title and illustration without any charge )  I am happy after done this creative job for our language promotion or for promotion of a child literature ( but in my critical view child literature is come out by child writing . when a mature writer is writing for child in that case his or her literature is get a child character design by  literature format  or as a educational format by literature form  ,so  that is not child literature in fact ) .

Here two visuals I am sharing  for  you after publication of child literature CHANDAN . in one picture  you can see a title cover of novel Chandan and in second you will see to inside page of that child novel. In this page  you can see my name in hindi  for title cover . but that’s Hindi text is showing Rajasthani language it is a another critical  condition for Rajasthani language . this Rajasthani language have no own calligraphy text so it is  follow to Hindi text for Rajasthani writing . ha 

But a good think is Hindi readers  can read very easily to Rajsthani by text of HINDI . it is a plus point for Rajasthani language promotion by book publication format . 

 Over all I were completed a good art job for writer and a writer have done a good job for Rajasthani language and a Rajasthani language , literature and culture academy was completed a committed work for promotion of Rajasthani language in Rajasthan by way of Academic  publication system.

By this art And illustration work,  I have contributed   my art energy in academic work of GOVT .of Rajasthan about language promotion or that’s education in society . 

So here I Rajasthani language, literature and cultural academy was  Approved to my art work..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of  Fine  Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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Unknown said...

Great...i like these illustrations !
Sharing knowledge, skills and talents to children and make joy to them, is the most beautiful work !