Thursday, April 24, 2014

Art Vibration - 301


Yogendra – Art this title I were gave to my art sound in year 2003 . today is 2014  this title is running  with me continue for sound of art . in 2003  I were setup to my art studio and I were gave title to that yogendra –art & designing studio . 2003 to till 2008 , five years  my  studio was  busy for common man  or society because  there I were working  with  my team for photography, photo editing, design work and computer graphic work .in same time I were joined  to Master education for my next art journey . there in master education I were used  this sigh  yogendra –art  in my art work or in folder  of my art work data. In Bikaner or in field of digital photography many photo labs  and photo studios  know to yogendra –art but they are not know to me very well as a art master  ..ha ha.. actually  they are know  my art work  in digital field very well with  my art dedication. By work of digital art I were gave a frame  to this  title yogendra - art in top ten digital art studio of  Bikaner . it was first success of this title yogendra-art .

After 2008 I were joined  to many online networks for real art communication from my art studio yogendra-art & designing  Studio . on online I were identify to myself with this same title yogendra-art . many online network or that’s team are knowing about it  and Dr. Amitabh Bachchan Cine super star of INDIA also know to me with this title yogendra-art . it is my good luck he know me as a real art master . 

On facebook I have created a album of my art work  and I were gave title to that album  yogendra –art  . this blog is also art vibration and its showing  a link in my profile there  you can see my first online website that’s name is yogendra-art ..ha 

On twitter my link id is @yogendraart . mostly on all online art networks  of myself is decorate by this title yogendra –art and on online all artist and world art family is know to me by this title yogendra –art so it is my ideal title for our world art family .

I know , You are thinking why I am telling about it  to  you by this post . so my friends I want to share a surprising result in front side of  you about this title yogendra-art or that’s true journey .
yesterday I were lived busy in art communication . in that case I were received a mail on my from  team . they were shared a card for me with a historical record of my art journey by title yogendra –art . in that card linkedin team was wrote  to all linked users  SAY HAPPY  WORK ANNIVERSARY ! yogendra kumar purohit 11th years this april , yogendra-art . 

A international online web magazine was noticed  to that card on linked and that team was posted me word Congrats . Kind  your information  online art magazine is also promoter of yogendra-art . this  was published  my first article on myself art journey  on  in year 2008 . that article was not in good English but they were noticed  to my art sound and published  to me with title yogendra-art. Last year  www.ionone .com team was created a link of art on own web magazine  in that links they have shared ten links or in that top ten links  was linked  to  this art blog  art vibration ( yogendra-art ) . 

Over all I am feeling happy because our world art family is observing my daily art life .  they are noticing and recording  to my art journey year by year and yesterday  or   online art promoters were  showed that live art action about  my art journey by sound of informative greeting about  11th anniversary of yogendra –art . after 2003 . 

 So here I  said  11th anniversary of yogendra-art 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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