Friday, April 11, 2014

Art Vibration - 297

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Friends in our Indian mythology ,our  history is saying about our world design  , it was created  by sound ( NAAD , DHWANI ) . I am accepting it because I have sound a virtual sound  in my body , I don’t know where to words functioning and how to it get sound by me in my body and it come out by my mouth . sound is everywhere in our world. In peace sound live present and in  lots of noise   sound live present , sound  in water, in fire , in air, in earth in space  or in our breath .sound live with us every time but in form of virtual . 

Our sensors can observe to very fast to sound by our ears , this  virtual sound is working on us very strongly . so in art definition great Art philosopher were  accepted the sound is a very strong tool of about art , it is not need any  medium between sound creator or that’s listener . but other arts need medium about  art communication.  for example painting  need  color and canvas, sculpture need hard medium like stone, wood, clay , dance need human body, theater need performer + script , literature  need text . 

I am saying it because yesterday I were  in my studio . in that movement I were thinking about music art , in past I were told to  you music in my blood by nature , because I were started art exercise very first with music instrument CHANG  a traditional folk music Instrument of Rajasthan . actually nature have gifted me the rhythm , rhythm is a base of all kind of art presentation so I am playing very well in comfort zone of art and literature by this natural rhythm . 

Actually yesterday I were singing some line of INDIAN hindi film song in my studio . I were got a idea for that sound , I were thought I can share  my sound by song lines with my online friends or our world art family , then they  can listen  my own voice by my singing style . before it they have visited  my lots of art exercise in form of  painting, sculpture, photography , poetry , writing , digital editing work or some more art exercise but I have not shared my own voice in form of art. So I were recorded  my voice in mobile recorder with two or three lines of INDIAN Hindi Film songs . I were selected four songs face line and sang or recorded as a fist art work with full consciousness as a singer  or as a art master .ha was new exercise with fun of art. 

First I were listened to that recorded songs,  then I did felt it can share with my world art family on online , but there was a trouble for me from technical format of recorder file . that file was in format 3GA and online network need audio file with MP3 format . so here to a new study was started  for me about convert to 3GA file in MP3 . On  online I were searched a online converter by luck I got  a good converter “ media.ol “ . this online converter was converted to all four small data 3Ga file  in MP3 format . so I said thanks to media.ol .
But learning step was not end there .that mp3 file was not uploaded on any online network like facebook  youtube or tweeter and linkedin also  , then I thought how to face  real singers this critical  condition ?  here no way for singer or that’s art promotion work . why ? no answer because I am user not a online network programmer ha ha.

In same time I were tried on but yesterday  night tumblr was not accepted  my updates but today  in morning time the team of tumblr was accepted  my sound track ( so thanks to tumblr  team )  . so I were updated all four song files on tumblr . here that’s link for  your listen ( notice first time I am saying to   all of  you  word listen about  my art exercise , it is my first music sound

 So I said here  only sound …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


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Nice and deep singing voice...i will be waiting for new exercises...and maybe then some the complete song...