Friday, March 03, 2017

Art Vibration - 455

Musical Sculpture Is Getting a Form By My Inner Art Sound

Friends can you remember before eight months I was shared a video link of with  you by this canvas of myself ( Art Vibration ) . In that video I was shared my first flute exercise or that’s true condition . I was started play to flute so that’s first exercise I was shoot and shared on youtube page or by this blog with  you . 

Today  After eight Months I was shoot one more video of  my flute performance in my studio by mobile camera and updated on youtube or now I am sharing with  you by  this canvas , art vibration . In eight months continue I was playing to flute in my free time . The flute exercise was made my long breaths , I could installed in me the musical vowel sense , I could  learn how to play flute by my breaths , I felt meditation exercise in performance of flute , I am feeling it when I play to flute in my daily life . 

This flute is a extra art work or practice of myself about  my mind refreshment or refreshment of my body . This flute exercise is making me more cool and it is filtering to my body by long breaths . you can say last eight months to I am on musical yoga or that’s yoga tool is flute. 

When i was played first time to flute that time  my breaths were  very small , I could not stable for long time on  my one breath about  play to flute  but continue practice and exercise was designed it  in myself so I can play to flute for long time to  my long breaths . I have learn it in this eight months . so you can say to me congrats …ha ha ..

                                         ( it is  my first flute performance before eight months )
In video  you will see or notice to my talk and my true practice about flute . 

This flute is give me peace of mind and confidence for refreshment of inner function of my body . it is very beneficial for me so I am with it and as a flute performer I want to play this flute so exercise is on and on ..

Day first to till today I am seeing to my flute performance and I am noticing it, it  is like a musical sculpture , day by day it is getting a right form of a musical sculpture from  my inner art sound . 

I know I said very philosophical words to you about this  hidden musical  art.  its work in air for ear to ear . but in my vision or in theory of art I can visualize this musical sculpture very clearly ,  because that is getting a right form from my inner art sound .

We all have our own inner sound or we all are express to that from our own styles . that style can give a form to our inner sound like a painting, writing , dance , installation, theater , performance ,war, business ,banking , teaching and all kind of work of our  inner  requirements . the  music is also part of this inner sound or that’s musical form is real sculpture of music but hidden ( in Hindi we are calling to that form of inner sound only - SHILP – sculpture )  

 So here  I said about my flute exercise , musical sculpture is getting a form by my inner art sound   

( it is my today performance of flute  after exercise of eight months ..exercise is continue for best performance )

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


praveen g nair said...

grate brother... all the best

Virve Karotam said...

Pleasing...Congrats !!!

Unknown said...

Osm yar mja aa gya guredev