Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Art Vibration - 457

A Call For Photo Editing Work

Myself And Ma'm Sanjna Kapoor At Bikaner Theater Festival 2017 
Friend when I see some damage images on online networks ( Update images of online friends ) , I feel their heart condition. They are miss to their past and they share that missing motion with online friend by that old and damage images . Actually they don’t know photo editing work so they share  to photographs in natural condition  with friends . they can’t do after it with that historical movement of their  life. It is true and fact of their life. But they want to share their past with friends on online networks in this contemporary  time . 

 But when I see that updates , I try to my best as a visual artist or as a photo editor . some time I ask to friends and some time I give surprise to them after edit to their damage pictures .

Photography  by Sir Karan Kapoor  :-  Poster  Image posted by Ma'm Sanjna Kapoor  
 Few month before I did edited a picture of Sir Shashi Kapoor ( cine actor or India ) . in that picture I saw many scratches and folds marks . you can say that picture was almost damaged but master Karan Kapoor the son of Sir Shashi Kapoor was saved that and shared with his friends and family . by luck Theater Artist Sanjna Kapoor  the Daughter of sir Shashi Kapoor is connect  to my facebook page. so on her page I saw that historical picture and I noticed to inner emotions of Sir Karan Kapoor or Ma’m Sanjna Kapoor , I did not said anything to both of them but I did started editing work on their update image . that was a family photo .( I wrote a post about that picture  on this art vibration in past ) .

Photo Editing work   by yogendra kumar purohit - 2017
When I did completed editing work on that picture I shared with Sir Karan Kapoor or with Sanjna Kapoor . That was surprising art work by me for both of them . They were liked to my digital photo editing exercise or  by that photo editing work I have created a space in vision of Sir karan kapoor or ma’m Sanjna kapoor . so  I got a one more photo editing task from both of them in last week . 

You know , Last week I was joined to Bikaner theater festival , in that festival Theater Artist Sanjna Kapoor was guest so she was came Bikaner for start to Bikaner theater festival 2017. 

Final photo  Editing work by yogendra  kumar purohit - 2017
At Hansha guest House Bikaner I was  met to Ma’m Sanjna Kapoor ,  she asked  to me , can I ask a question to you ? I said yes  you can ask , then she said to me I have a very old photograph image that is want some editing work  so I want , you edit that. Can you do it ? I said yes why not?  Ma’m Please you send that image I will try to my best . that conversation was showing  my editing work confidence or trust of ma’m Sanjna Kapoor about  my photo editing  work . 

After that Meet Ma’m Sanjna Kapoor was posted me that image by mail in high RGB image , that image is poster image or photography by Sir Karan Kapoor . actually Sir Karan Kapoor and Ma’m Sanjna Kapoor have lost the negative of that image or that’s print image was like a poster so they need to me I remove to text of that image and give a real look after editing work on that image . they want to me I convert  to poster image in photograph image . I did done that . 

So as a commitment of art , I was completed  my work and commitment too and shared with Ma’m Sanjna Kapoor on her mail id .
Here I want to share that both images for your notice. I sure  you like it just like Ma’m Sanjna Kapoor .
 For me it was a art call from Ma’m Sanjna Kapoor or I was taken that  as a art call .

 So here I said about it a call for photo editing work .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA   

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