Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Art Vibration - 458

I Fill The color of art
In Our Bikaneri Holi

Holi the festival of Colors. We Indian are celebrate it by colors for fill the color in others  heart through our fresh and  happy feelings . visually we paint or put the color on others but virtually we are fill and paint the color of love on their heart and vision . we put our impression on others vision . 

As a art master I also fill the color of holi in others from my art activity in this Holi of Bikaner city. My childhood age to till today I am continue playing holi in my city and every year I use something artistic and different form about  fun creation , It can everything like crafted cap in large size some different kind of getup,  like  a joker and very different to common man . 

Last two years to I am continue play the getup of cricketer Malinga the Shri Lankan player . you know my city people ( fun lover ) are organizing Faaganiya football match in Bikaner . I said about this fun full football  game on this art vibration , I think last year . so go back and see that post on this art vibration  blog .

 As a art master I think  color is a very philosophical word. In painting we can see it direct in form of red , green blue , pink, yellow orange and much more shades but that is symbolic color.  the real color is very different and hidden . the paintings color have two kind of impression , first is visual impression and second is hidden impression that is work on heart or vision of viewers . but in other art like dance, acting, music and performing art have only one color that is hidden color or that’s impression is also live in hidden condition . a viewer can feel that and a performer can fill that in others heart and vision by performance . but that color impression is work like same work of painting colors or that’s impression . actually art is work like a white wash on heart and vision of people . art is making refreshment of mind of  society . so I was played  my role as a art master in mid of my Bikaner society on special occasion Holi . 

This year in holi festival I was taken getup of cricketer Malinga and went to our Dharnidhar sport ground Bikaner . there I was  registered  my name for faaganiya footbal match . first I was created a natural fun from  my look,  second I registered my name as a cricket player malinga , thried I played football , so in first look of myself people were smiling, there on that movement I was filling the colors in heart and vision of people from  my performance .  

I noticed there all were want to touch to me and they want to take  selfies with me . I was created a free space for their selfies before the game . many kids and senior persons plus media persons were shoot to me from their cameras . 

In that ground I was  not painted any painting by colors but  from  my live act I was filled lots of fun full colors in vision of viewers . you can say that was  my extra art exercise with performing art about natural color filling work on many canvas ( people heart and vision ) in a one time . 

As a player I was  showed  my attitude in that ground , so you can say I was in character of player Malinga as a actor . the speakers and crowd were  calling to me Malinga Malinga when I kicked  to football from  my lag .  

They were enjoying to my character or that’s game combination that was funny very funny ..ha ha ha ..sorry I am laughing  now here mid of writing  to this post. Really that was real fun , I could  created that for people . 

There in ground I did not get any goal from my lag but by my live performance I got real goal of fun , I was created that for peoples , 

The team of Bikaner city blog ( Photographers  group page  on online networks ) was showed a very funny condition in that ground for myself  , I was connected with them on their whatsapp group  page . there I was  sharing my selfies as a photo image but some young photographers were not liked that so they have blocked to me on their whatsapp group page. On day of faaganiya football match they all were there and shooting to myself from their own camera ..ha ha ha ..that was very funny for me so I did laughed very much on their artistic vision.. here on online they have shared a photo presentation for me in that presentation they have added many photographs of myself  ..  ha ha .. their presentation link is here for  your visit..

There I noticed many press photographers were shooting to that live fun game and many electric media persons were taken interviews of players of that faaganiya football match. A reporter of ANI , AAJ TAK , ZEE TV  Master Jethmal  was taken my interview , I was gave   interview in my funny English so he said this interview will run tomorrow on national TV or that’s news . Actually in school time we both are in a same school and many time he was invited  to me for cricket match, when he need some players for his wining match .. so my Malinga look was impressed to him and  recalling to his childhood age or his cricket games , there   in that time I was filling the color in him from my art colors. Or he was want to saved that live fun  movement in his camera so he did shoot myself and taken my interview too . 
When I was played in ground in same time  my two nephew master Chayan joshi and master Mayank Joshi also trying to perform something for fun of people or fun of himself . the kids were learning how to get fun or how to create fun by live performance in that play ground about Color of Holi . 

That match was male V/S  female ( kind your information all females were  males  ) ha ha .. like  the Kapil Sharma Show . ( The kapil Sharma Show also inspired to  culture of Bikaneri Holi )  

Here I have also updated a photo presentation of faaganiya football or  my getup with fun of holi . 

 I sure this post will fill some more color of Bikaneri holi in you . I can know it , from your comment on this blog post,  so please comment on it from your online  account . thanks  .

Actually by  my presence or getup I was filled the color of holi in vision of people , I did guiding  to kids how to enjoy to holi with self enjoyment or by  safe activity in mid of people with lots of respect . 

The smile of peoples were  showing to me  my success , I could successful, in fill the color of Holi in vision of people without colors of painting  .

So here I said I fill the color of art in our Bikaneri holi …

Yogendra  kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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