Saturday, February 09, 2019

Art Vibration - 507

A Set Design for play of Writer  Mohan Rakesh …

Friends last week of last month,  I lived busy in work of set design of play “Lahron ke Rajhansh” . this play writer is Mohan Rakesh . play is in Hindi  Language . in Bikaner The URJA Theater  Society has been taken to this play for perform from Stage of Town Hall . so about set design they selected to me . 

The Director of Urja Theater  Society  or director of play “Lahron Ke Rajhansh” master Ashok Joshi gave me work of set Design about play “Lahron Ke Rajhansh” . so I demanded to him very first the full script of play “Lahron Ke Rajhansh”  , I read to script and designed some idea’s about set designs. One layout I created in painting form on paper about play “Lahron Ke Rajhansh “ .

Director Ashok Joshi and myself discussed on instructions of writer about set or that’s elements . so one bed , one dressing table , one bar setup, a swing , one door and room decoration of Boudh Tipe Period .
 So I designed very first a idea or layout for electric light lamp ( look of traditional light lamp ). that was craft work plus technical exercise with electric items , by luck it was successful for that set design .

I created a design of room for set Design after read to play script . as a  symbol I used  to flower , flower selection was indicated to mythology or sociology too. Flower is common,  it is use in  prayer or in love expressions  too . in visual of final  set design you will notice or feel it . 

When we hanged to swing in town hall, that time I focused on safety of actors. because that swing was using many time in mid of play by actors , so there I played  my role as a set designer ( care taker Set Designer ). it was must for success of play by perfection of set design . my one mistake could  damaged to play , set, or may be life of actors. So I was very serious when we fixed to swing on our set of play “Lahron Ke Rajhansh” .

Actor Ram Singh  Sekhawat  and Actress Niharika Gour

Traditional light lamps Form by craft and technical work of electricity .

By flowers I decorated to wings of town hall so that wings were converted in wall form or in black background the flower of color yellow,white,red were  giving  a natural room look of BOUDH time period .on background of stage Urja Theater Team provided me a wall setup of wood. So on that wood board’s I pasted papers of color Gamboge Hue or Burnt umber ..i cut a design in form of stone carving in burnt umber color paper  and pasted on Gamboge Hue  color papers of that boards. In that set design by some  limited elements to I designed that set of play “Lahron ke raj Hansh” ..

In bikshu look master Sagar Chouhan
Before play of “Lahron ke Rajhansh” I designed set design for urja theater society  about their play “Jab Shahar Hamara  Sota  Hai” or play “An Inspector call” . 

Kind your information Urja theater  Society is self made theater  artists society,  its working in theater art field  as a independent unit. So they know their own limitations but in limitations they are  accepting challenge of play writer or  theater performance format too  . it is inspire to me so I join to them on their call without any demand , I take set design work  as a challenge in their  limitations .or I am trying to give some freedom full space to them  by my set designs. I save their money , time and space of vision . when I design a set for Urja Theater  society . I think I know to their limitations .  so they are call to me for their set design work.

Senior Theater Artist  kailash Bhardwaj  and Om Soni noticing to play Lahron Ke Rajhansh in Town Hall Bikaner .
In visual of LAHRON KE RAJHANSH  you will see and feel it very well .  

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA           


Unknown said...

It is even better than what I have imagined !! Yogendra ji.. you are very talented about art.. I was really impressed after watched this.. 👌

Unknown said...

And as I was doing the role of Sundari.. I was extremely comfortable with the set.. the swing was a difficult task for you to set it up but it was also gracias! I loved this set..
- Niharika Gour

Unknown said...

Set design was really took people to that period . Amazing work..