Friday, June 05, 2015

Art Vibration - 384


its today photography  by me
Environment is very must for our earth life , you know only earth have life environment in our universe , so it is very must we live with this live environment and we care this environment by us if we want to live more on this planet earth. 

 Every year we educated people  are celebrating a day we are calling to that world environment day , we have fixed a date for that special day yes that date is today date  5th Jun 2015 . we know today  many NGO’s and nature care society and companies  will start to campaign’s.  but just for one day after that we will forget to this day or that’s days commitment for care to our environment . 
 Many news paper and media person  will publish and present to activity of world environment day on date 6th Jun 2015 .our educated society will read to that and watch to that and feel some nice but after that they will forget to 5th Jun for next year . ha ha it is critical but today it is fact . 

 We are not educated very well for our environment so it is critical and funny too,  on us. Environment is very must for our world life or our earth life . we think on earth about our better life but in this case we forget to  our earth life , life is possible on earth but when then earth  will live safe in our universe . our earth safety is depend on us or it can safe by clean environment or  by natural environment of earth. 

We can care and safe to our environment for long time in  our universe.  but this commitment is want to us lots of leaving nature , its need to us live on nature format . it is not impossible we educated world human family can prove it if we can live with natural element  on this earth and we can create more better life on planet earth through use of natural elements of our environment . 

its today photography  by me

Our environment is want to us clean water , fresh air, natural and healthy food , physical exercise , life balance’s  in human life or in wild life , our environment  not need to us unwanted experiments of science because,  for a better life or earth life  someone done a very fine scientific  experiment  on our earth about natural life . we can see that in water, fire ,air, fruits  ,farmland , tree , life or in wild life too . that experimental identity is one and only - we are calling to him /her  GOD .

 I think in this present time or I can say in modern  time  I am caring to my environment  from  my childhood age . I have some senses about importance of environment in our world life or about our earth life. I were collected this right information from   my family culture . so I can say in old culture of human life we were thought about our fresh environment .

its today photography  by me
In childhood age I were learned how to care wild life , My late great Mother of my Mother ( NANI  JI ) was educated to me how to care to wild life and balance to environment by your small contribution . she was put a pot of water for birds on roof . there every day birds were drinking water some time cats  too. I were filled every day water in that clay pot from  my hand after cleaned to that pot . in night she was gave sweet with Chapati ( GUD  AND  ROTI ) to cow . in morning time she was through corns for birds in front side of her house . 

And in house of  my  late great Grandfather.  I saw My Late Great Grandfather was caring to life of a OX , he was working in farm when rain time was started . his ox lived with him always and he was loving to his ox .  My late great grandfather was farming  by natural farming format , that was natural rain water , he was not used any comical for farming growth so in farm he was cared to farm clay and that’s fresh air . 

its today photography  by me

I have many stories of this kind natural working format about care to environment  in  my family culture . so today I can say I am celebrating world environment day -  every day  in  my life. You know outside of  my art studio  I have very natural environment . some green natural grass’s and plants . I have put two clay pot of water for birds .every day birds are drinking water from that clay pot , morning to evening time .this natural activity is continue to last eight years at outside of  my studio.   so it is a big region for  my celebration of world environment  day . I have a natural relation with nature as a part of this nature , outside of  my studio many birds know me they have no fear feeling to me , because many time I am passing to them when they are drinking water by that clay pot , the birds have trust and faith on me so I can say I have made true   relation with  my nature or environment  too or it is enough for myself celebration ..

So here I said on date 5 th Jun 2015 ,  I am celebrating to world environment day – every day ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA    

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