Monday, June 08, 2015

Art Vibration - 385

I judge to 92.7 Big FM

Rj Rohit guiding to child artists for painting or subject save water ..
Friends we know sound is very strong medium of communication in our world . by sound we can share direct our feeling, vision and view with others and this same format we can observe for us from others .
Sound is run in air and in air today we have many radio channel’s , that channel’s are providing to us daily news and some right information about better future of our world. Radio channel’s are entertaining to us by music , theater play script , or some campaign of nation development . so radio is playing very important role  in our society . 

I am saying it because last week  I were received a phone call from  my artist friend Master Rohit , he is Rj In 92.7 Big  Fm Radio - Bikaner. On phone he told me yogendra  you will judge to our painting completion . 92.7 Big Fm will organizing a national level child art competition  in a same day or same time  in 42 cities of INDIA . so for Bikaner zone  you will judge to our art competition activity . I said yes I will judge to art or to painting competition concept of 92.7 big FM . 

All child artist are busy in painting of save water ...
I told to  Rj Rohit art is not for judgment because child is creating very fresh and free expression’s on canvas . actually  art is for communication,  not for competition . I hope 92.7 big fm team and art competition concept designer will notice to it for future art activity  . ( it can convert in art workshop for child art promotion  ) ….! 

For friend I were accepted his demand . he told me our art competition campaign is on save water subject , we will give art sheet to participant  from 92.7 Big Fm . i said ok I will join to  your judgment team on right time .

Art dedication of child artist ...
After search to right address of synthesis Institute at google map I were arrived there , I saw Rj Rohit was co ordinate to that art activity with his staff . Many child artist were came there for perform to visual art by paint of brush . 

I did noticed 10 to 15 years old child artists were presented there for participation . all kids were performed very well to concept save water  on paper sheet of 92.7 big Fm . when kids were painting in that movement I were thinking what I will judge and how to I can give first to one child because by rule of art they all child artist are first , they are sharing his/her 100 % art dedication or patience for save water concept of 92.7 big FM . 

Its real child art work for save water  simple thinking or creation ...

little child artist is thinking for painting on save water ...
After one hour organizer team was collected all art work sheets from all participant’s and submitted to me for judge . I were talked to my co judge Artist Balabh Purohit and we did final we will select only paintings not to posters . he said ok . then we were selected some paintings  from that art sheets and followed to judgment format . but that time I were feeling in  myself  I am child art killer , I am killing to pure Art interest of kids by this stupid judgment format . I were feeling guilty in myself and said sorry to all child artist of that art competition  , I said  you all are first in  my view , for me  you all are best and same level artist because in one hour  you all were created very fine art visuals on a concept save water . it is great from  you to our society . 

But in last I said I were selected only painting because this art competition for painting . you many child artists were created poster and  you have used text and caption , painting is not permit to any caption ,  painting want your message by color and line .

So prize will go to painters not to poster creator .

After judging of art work i am in  thinking Motion  ( what i do and why ? )

winner is ready for  interview of  92.7 Big Fm ,Rj Rohit is taking interview of winner ...
There I said thanks to 92.7 big fm unite because they were created art sound by a art activity, it was good but painting competition concept was not good . it is killing to child art or art interest of  kids,  when kid not get any rank in competition format  and competition format is very short like a short mentality person , there no more space for all , Competition format need only best  just like a stick of blind man ( here blind man is competition concept and stick is best participant ) 

This statement is clear judgment of myself on 92.7 Big Fm or that’s child art painting competition . 

Me and Rj Rohit , he is happy and my inner feeling on  my face after judgment to painting competition
 So here I said I judge to 92.7 Big Fm..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


Julie Maeder said...

I agree with you, Yogendra. Art is for expression, not judgement. It's a shame humans are so competitive. Too much ego. I can see how sad you were about this. :-(

Benchmark Support said...

you'r right Yogi ji. you can teach a child but you should,nt always judge a child. Because you can,t reach to similar a child as child.