Saturday, June 13, 2015

Art Vibration - 386


Rock is a word for a very strong  and hard material . Rock have not own life but The rock can take to other life after a attack on life . but I noticed a live rock that was giving life to rock . by bad luck  yesterday the time was attacked on that live  rock and that rock have leaved to his life .

Yes some strong person’s  are  like a real rock in  my view . because they are change to view of others from his rocking style or concept + idea . so they are real rock . 

In art I have many examples for real rocks . but here I am sharing  with  you about one real rock . yesterday we art family have lost to our real rock  .So RIP for him from  my deep heart. 

The Rock Artist Nek Chand have been passed away yesterday . he was very creative person and his concepts or  ideas were rocking . I can say it , because I have visited his creative idea and concept in real form at his work place , that is  ROCK GARDEN  at Chandigarh the capital of two state's  of India . 

 I was very surprising when first time I were visited to Rock Garden , I were in art Education of BFA painting . there I saw how to a creative person have used damaged item or props of society for his creative concept . his performance in 3D sculptures like child art creation . but he was created to his rock  concept  in form of rock garden . 

 I have visited many time to Rock Garden in  my art journey . there I saw every time someone lived busy in transformation of concept of a Rock artist . 

His rocking idea was inspired to me because in  my childhood age I were also creating  some installations by damaged item of  my home  on festival of KRISHNA JANMASHTAMI . so his rocking idea was  very close to  my past creativity and in my first visit of Rock garden the  rock artist sir Nek Chand was sighed  on  my art vision from his rocking creativity . 

 I were not met to Rock Artist Nek Chand in  live or face to face but by his rocking art work I were met to him many time when I were visited to his creative Rock garden  at Chandigarh . 

I have wrote one paragraph on rock garden or that’s concept  in  my master of fine art education  for my dissertation . in practical presentation of myself I were gave example of ROCK garden because I were presented  some installation about life  by some damaged items of  my art collage. I am calling to that ( KABAD ).ha ( in past posts  you can visit  my  masters work on this art vibration ) 

 Rock Artist Sir Nek Chand was also used to KABAD of city Chandigarh in his rock  garden by his rocking idea . he did transformed to KABAD in art form , you can say he was changed to definition of damaged item  in our world after use in art concept . so his real concept of art is rock in  my view or his strong vision was  rock too .  

Here some visuals of the Rock Garden for  your visit  , I sure after visit his created work  you will notice to his strong vision or that’s power and  you will accept as a real rock to Artist Sir Nek Chand .
Today he is not with us but his rocking design is always live with us as a rocking or  memorable work  in form of  Rock Garden of Chandigarh . 

I have lots of respect and regard for his creativity , so I am in motion of RIP for his soul . Rock artist  Sir Nek Chand was gave idea how to use to mind and medium , how to transfer to useless item and give message to everyone , nothing is useless in our world . its depend on us how to and when we use to that for a right use about our society . 

I can say Rock artist Nek Chand was a sociology teacher for us , he was teaching to us  sociology by way of  visual art . today I know he is not more and he will not teach to us more by way of art so it is giving me a empty feeling , how will be cover to it  in future ?  it is a big question for our society . 

But Rock artist Sir Nek Chand have gave us a key of clean society concept . it can possible only by art . that’s all . 

Today  in respect to his soul and rocking concept  I am in motion of RIP .

So here I said RIP for real ROCK    

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA.

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