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Art Vibration - 387

He was enjoyed to geometric form in his design & I were enjoyed to art in his geometrical  Structure J K K

Jawahar Kala kendra , Jaipur Photo from Google Image
Yes it is true , we lost one more creative person of our world his name is Charles correa . he was a great international architect designer . I were not met to him live but I were lived in his designed building Jawahar kala Kendra Jaipur . I were shared  there   my many years ,you can say that building of Charles correa is a true witness of  my art journey. 

I were noticed and visited first time a very fine geometrical architect structure in  my life that was JKK , by luck I were worked in that building as a freelancer artist  in art studio of JKK.  I observed in that building only geometric form and design  in wall or building structure , Before design work of Charles correa,  I were read in my art history about geometric work in painting form ,painter Mondrian was created his painting by geometrical shapes . he was changed to painting concept or concept of visual art by his very strong logic . that same logic sound I were observed in design work of sir Charles correa  by JKK . 

Jawahar Kala kendra , Jaipur Photo from Google Image
Before JKK sir charlel correa was designed BHARAT BHAWAN In Bhopal ( MP ) INDIA . After that design he was created JKK in Jaipur with  his own geometric design concept for art . actually sir Charles correa was mixed to art science , geometric form , architect and then  created his own  form in architectural structures in our world . 

In Jawahar Kala Kendra Sir Charles correa was created lots of work for painters , he was designed wall painting concept with  INDIAN astrology / TANTRA vidhya and he was created a lots of  wall painting work for painters on  wall of Jawahar Kala Kendra  Jaipur . he was not leaved any corner of that geometrical structure without  wall painting . it mean he was thinking for painters in his design format or may be great painter Mondrian was in his vision . 

Late Sir  Charles Correa .. Photo from Google Image
 Or may be , he was not created any painting  studio space for painters in JKK  so that’s recovery , he was covered by wall painting works . 

1998 to till 2008 continue 10 years I were visited to JKK and after my master I were joined to JKK art studio for practice of art,  so there in studio I were completed three year of  my art journey . in that three year Jkk was converted for me like   my home, there  every day I were  joined to Jkk studio at 8 am and I were leaved to that geometrical building at 8 -9 pm . i was saying my home to JKK and studio was  my cave because in studio I were creating painting alone , all day or every day . My many friends were called to me cave man of JKK . ha ha ha ..

Myself  painting in process at Jawahar Kala Kendra in Studio .
In Jkk I were enjoying to my free motion or emotion by painting or painting exhibitions.  In open theater every day I were  seating and talking on art with  my juniors and seniors . many time  I were  sang  song  as a singer  or  folk singer in open theater , because there sound was vibrating and in rhythm my  sound was pulled to others . they noticed to me and listened to my pure folk sound and song .. there I were enjoyed  to art and I were created enjoyment for other by art .

It could  possible because that geometrical architectural design was designed by  sir Charles correa specially for art environment , I can say Charles correa was knew the science of art and he was used that in his geometrical design . there I were felt free and confident  like a king or a lion of jungle . it was natural with all artists when they came at  JKK for perform to his / her art . 

myself with my struggle paintings in JKK studio, photo by Artist Praveen Jedia
 Every day in JKK  you can see to photographers, art reporters of media , painters sculptors , theater artist , music artist , folk artist , craft artist and many social NGO units . they all are meet there , talk there and work there or it can possible by one and only geometrical architect designer sir Charles correa . 

But today it is very sad conditionfor art family  because sir Charles correa is not more , he was passed away . so RIP for his true soul from my art family . 

Before death sir Charles correa  have proved geometrical format is very artistic and useful  in design of architectural structure . he was created base of his design to geometrical elements and he was enjoyed to geometrical format ..and I were passed my many years for art in his created geometrical structure JKK. 

Myself  is busy in painting of life in studio of JKK Jaipur - photo by artist friend Chandan S. Rathod
So here I said about Late Sir Charles Correa , he was enjoyed to geometric form in his design & I were enjoyed  to art in his geometrical structure JKK …

Myself in thinking  motion at JKK  - photo by artist Shrikant Rangas

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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