Friday, June 19, 2015

Art Vibration - 388

Today I am looking Critical condition of  Mumbai Rain  in Film of Charlie Chaplin
* Sleeping at war *

Friends some art work is vibrating to our vision many time in our  one life . so it is natural, that art work creator image is coming  in our vision  very first when his art work vibrate to our vision . 

In  my childhood age  I were watching to Durdarshan channel on TV . that time only DD INDIA was one and only TV channel for our TV  in  my city . by luck in  my childhood age I were watched some good art works of great art master by Durdarshan TV Channel . in that great ART MASTER work  I were  watched the films of Charlie Chaplin . Charlie Chaplin had  key for  puzzled minds in his vision and his art films are  hard copy of  that key  for  that puzzled mind’s . he was always making a critical smile on my face without any words , his visuals and critical views were  creating a very strong thinking track for viewers ( for  me )  or that movement was making mind of  viewers . by visual dialogue . 

I can say Great Art master Sir Charlie Chaplin was teaching to his world without any words . he was working in very limited format but in limited format he was gave unlimited creative or progressive vision  to our world for better future or life. 

Today I am remembering to sir Charlie Chaplin or his very critical view .here  in India the rain time is on or in first rain our metro city Mumbai was got fail condition in water system . After rain  Mumbai  life is stop to last two days . On TV - many media channels are reporting And showing videos of critical condition of Mumbai city. our City Mumbai is connected to sea , there three side sea water + rain water was came from Sky and stopped to Mumbai life . 

When I am watching to news about  Mumbai Rain on TV  , the news visuals are recalling to me the film sleeping at war  . sir Charlie Chaplin was created that on world war but one part of that film is very critical or sir Charlie Chaplin was shoot that in water . he was showed the critical condition of army camp when rain water come in their taint and how to they are manage to his self in that critical  condition ..sorry I am laughing now in writing motion it is true because that art work is very strong and  you can’t stop to your laugh when  you imagine  his direction and acting motion too..  ha ha ..

Here I am sharing his critical art work link for your visit , I sure after visit to this art work of Sir Charlie Chaplin you can observe to  my vision condition or   you can  know how to I infected to Mambai rain ?  and how to Sleeping at war film was came in  my view ?  


About Mumbai rain condition here I want to share a link for  your visit  , I sure  you will compare to both visual video and then  you will know  how to today I am looking critical condition of Mumbai rain in film of Charlie Chaplin * Sleeping at war * ( this both Video i am share from , so thanks to ) 

 So here I said it  today I am looking critical condition of Mumbai rain in film of Charlie Chaplin * Sleeping at war * 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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