Friday, January 02, 2015

Art Vibration - 350


Yes it is true of our folk art  culture , I am saying about Rajasthani folk art and culture. Actually  today I were invited  for a art workshop of a art collage of  my city . there a NGO SPIC MACAY was started a folk art workshop with art students of my city . Folk art  master S.N. Joshi will guide to all art students about folk art .
That folk art is PHAD Painting , it is relate to folk god’s of Rajasthan . this kind of painting is very interesting for me . because a folk painter creating painting but that is work for other like a book . so in  my view folk painter of phad Painting is a writer very first for folk culture of Rajasthan . it is more interesting for me when a folk singer is read to that phad painting , there singer is work like a reader for folk culture in folk society .

I know  your mind is creating a question for  you how to it possible and why it is ?

In answer of  your question I want to tell you, its possible or it is , because in past people were created folk god by imaginations . folk artist were gave some look to that imagination in form of folk god , like pabu ji , goga ji, teja ji , hadboo ji . some folk painters were painted that folk god image and surprising story of that  folk god on a big cloth . they were calling to that Phad  painting . they did save that folk god story painting  in roll form , you can say it was roll book of folk gods . a painter was wrote that and today that Phad writing culture is continue working in Joshi family of Rajasthan. Joshi is a family cast of Indan Brahmin . 

Actually Phad painters were  painted but they were wrote  a story book of folk god . 

After work of Painters folk  singers were singing to that phad painting .we are calling to that cast BHOPA - BHOPI ( Male – Female ) . that couple is read to painting of PHAD  and they sing to that in folk style .we are saying to that PHAD WACHAN ( Phad Reading ) . Bhopa Bhopi is explaining to great story of folk god by singing style by support of Phad painting . 

Folk culture people are believing  it , if folk god is support and help to them when they listen to PHAD painting by Bhopa Bhopi . they feel their folk god is bless on him /her , we know trust can do possible to impossible . so it is acceptable sound for folk life or culture . it is working ,so it is live today in our modern culture time . 

Today in Rampuriya collage Bikaner, campus I were noticed to phad painter  S.N. Joshi ( Joshi Family ) artist was busy in folk painting . he is not much more educate in his life  but he is writing to book of folk god by his folk painting style . his phad painting is very important for Bhopa Bhopi , because that couple is surviving his/her life  by phad painting , without phad painting no identity of BHOPA –BHOPI in folk culture or in prayer of folk god . so phad painting is very must about identity of  Bhopa - Bhopi .

Phad wachan ( reading of PHAD painting ) , it is a live activity or a live prayer to folk god , it is a very cultural science of social  science for get to  cool and peace of mind or health  after pray to folk god . it is a tradition of folk culture . its base attached to trust so it is still with our contemporary culture and it is moving with time today . 

Phad Painters Joshi family is committed for this folk god story writing  by painting . so they are continue painting and teaching to next generation of their Joshi family . 

In Phad painting they are using same drawing line , colors and story parts of folk gods for reading about  Bhopa – Bhopi . they can’t change to format of phad painting . so I can connect to their work to AJANTA cave Art . there seven generation were worked  in a same format for promotion of god Budha  Image by wall paintings . 

In a different view  a philosopher of INDIA Dr. Haridwari prashad shastri was said text is also drawing of our inner sound , our inner sound is our real folk .

When today I saw to folk art master  Sir S.N. Joshi , he said to me  I am not much more educate , I can’t read to book , that time he was feeling some down , then I said to him no no  you are very much educate because a complete folk culture society is listing  your writing words in voice of Bhopa Bhopi , so  you are Phad Writer  sir not only a painter . you are very literate or educate for folk peoples. 

 After listen  my words , He was smiling and said to me ,  yes it is , I am doing it for folk culture and I will do  it continue ..

So here I said painter is writing, singer is reading …

Yogendra  kumar puorhit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


richard kushinsky said...

Since I'm not of your culture Ican't truly comment on your point of view. My question really would be isn't all art folk art in itsd basic form? How does your folk art differ from other cultures folk art . I think it justn shows us that all art is based in the human soul and has existed since man developed ideas, "cave drawings" are the very first examples of folk art, we've only made it more complex with our own subtle and not so subtle thoughts.

yogendra kumar Purohit said...

my Italian artist friend Jean Signoret said it for this blog post ( the stained-glass window (in the gothic churches) to Cy Tombly nowadays, yes NOWADAYS, occidental art is haunted by writing : to transmit something of value from generation to generation ( as in Phad painting) or a king of nolstagia for some lost meanings ( or to remember them or to awake them... no matter : the drawing of any letter of our language our own hand knows it "by heart" as included in our carnal memory). Speaking of Phad work, I guess you speak actually about yours : you paint, you write. That's why, I imagine, you need paper like a writer, every day one page, a necessary repetition as in Phad art, but some days little differences occur : the repetition is living, as a prayer, as your faith in your own culture.)