Saturday, January 17, 2015

Art Vibration - 355


We Know  this caption is very fact for real success of life. We have lots of example about this caption  in our world ,  Great Art  master Charlie Chaplin , Mahatma Ghandhi , Nelson Mandela , Mother Teresa , Sir Ravindra nath Thakur ,scientist Albert Einstein ,Abraham Lincoln and much more great persons of our world  were followed to this caption or they were proved to it by his /her dedication . 

This caption is working very strongly in field of art . here  on this art vibration .  you can observe by my past posts  of my simple art work updates . I were used to simple news paper thenI were created big painting and some paper sculpture , one time I were created sculpture by cow dung or I were created a painting Tea party by original( Natural )  tea color . Actually I like simple way for art or self expression, my inner sound want always   easy way for creation of  my inner sound by a simple and easy art medium . 

 You can say it is  my art nature and time to time I am following  to it  about  my art journey. 

 On online I am always visiting good and simple art work and I like to that , on facebook  I like and comment on that creative simple art work of other artists or art updates. Because that simple art work is impresse to me and pull to  my simple art vision .

AS a Art Master  I know are need always a simple way for express to inner sound. art is not need any costly art medium or any dramatic presentation . art need only creativity of a creative person in any medium , because creativity is select to medium for self express or self freedom .

Today I am saying it because  a art update of Art Time page of facebook network was inspired to me for write it and share with  you . I saw a artist was created some visuals on glasses  of  cars , in winter time , we know in winter time ice is cover to car glasses . That  artist was used that ice covered glasses for his creativity with his very simple art mood or motion . 

He was created line work in China Art Style ( line Drawing ) . in that visuals I saw a fresh morning mood of a fresh artist and he was created very fresh art work  by his simple creative action. He was thinking for his creativity not about art medium, he was created art medium for his fresh creativity , that was ice covered cars glasses of a city. 

Here  for your visit  that art creation  visuals , I am sharing , I were collected that from page Art Time through facebook network .

I hope after  visit  to that live art work updated  you can understand to  my talk and way of simplicity of art . I did felt same sound of myself in  other country  artist but actually he is a senior member of  my world art family ..ha it is natural  in us ..because we have creative blood in our body and we know the freedom of self expression  by way of  simple creativity .
So here I said this caption simplicity is the best policy …
Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art\
Bikaner, INDIA

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