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Art Vibration - 358


Recent Art work of Sandarbh 

Institute is a  key of our vision development . After our birth we are following  to our environment or that’s natural system. By nature  we get our sensors for observe or storage . in our memory . our observation is our education or that’s presentation is our knowledge in our world  culture .

We know today we have institute for education  in our human life system . by this institute we creating more space in vision of students  mind . we are calling to that school or collages . But  some creative persons are following  very different way for education or vision creation . they are creating  open institute  in our society . it is working very practically and they all are give education by practical  work just like stone culture society of history . 

Yes I am saying about ART SOCIETIS  at here.  They are creating space of creativity in vision of common man by live art activity  in mid of society . there they are not taking any class or they are not following any school format like book or note book , home work or class work . but they are teaching to common man  by way of art . 

Myself busy in Partapur Village for creation of Sculpture by cow dung ..
 I can say it because  I were joined a live art work shop of a art society  in a village , there I were participated as a student of Art Master  but  my art exercise was a live practical class for a village  peoples . it was year 2003- 04 , I were student of master of Fine Art . that time I were received a invitation about a art work shop  in village from Sandarbh Art Society. That art work shop was in Village Partapur city Banswada Rajasthan. ( on this art vibration  I have shared a post in past about that workshop , there I were created  culpture by cow dung .) 

That time I were noticed how to Sandarbh Art Society  is giving education to villagers by art without any institute or that’s building . The  Team of Sandarbh Art Society is working  there as a teacher of Village because  by visual art activity they are giving lots of sense and vision to village people . there people are getting education without any time limitation or institute . 

I did founded this child artist when i were in Partapur Village, i gifted sketchbook to him
2004 to till 2015 this sandarbh art society is continue busy in education work by way of art in a village Partapur . I am connect to that art society team so I am feeling nice after 10 year  they are dedicate or committed for their right job about education of a village . 

They are inviting to national or international artists in partapur village and they all artists are work there with villagers or in presence of villagers . we know art creation process or that’s visit is  give education to viewers because we human have a common nature , that is our observatory  nature . it is a god gift to we human from nature  or Art society Sandarbh is using to this god gift for education of a village . they know artist activity is pull to vision of villagers and then their education format  will work automatically in mid of villagers vision. 

I am saying it  because it is true and it is working very well to last 10 year  in a village by Sandarbh Art Society . last week Artist Chintan Upadhyay , concept desiner of Sandarbh Art Society  was posted me a link of Sandharbh Art Society on facebook . 

He was wrote me in  my inbox “  If  you are not on Sandarbh page please like the page 

I did liked That  page because I were worked for that in 2003-04 on call of Artist Chintan Upadhyay . 

When I saw to that art page  I got this  post matter because there I notice a very strong art institute but that is open institute for education of  village people . 

So here I said Sandarbh is a open Institute ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA   

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Parece muy interesante este articulo,sobre la vida y costumbre del pueblo de India.,narrada por yogendra.