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Art Vibration - 559


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The Father . it is a very big word of our human life dictionary . it is not a word it is a complete base of life in our world .The Father is definition  of life, care ,love and monitoring on family for better future.  
We all have Father in our life , we know without father no identity of us in our society . by rule of science father is a very important , you know it better to me .

But I am not talking and thinking about  father of a family . I am thinking and talking about a real father of our world . it is philosophical view but its  my true view after a complete observation about word father . In our religions we have father , we calling  to that god , that father is virtual but that is in our vision or in our imagination . we think that virtual father of our life system is caring and promoting to us time to time in our daily life , but we can’t face to face to our God ( Virtual Father of life. ) 

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In  my education of History subject I were read very first about father of nation , yes I am saying about Mahatma Gandhi ji . he was very educated person of INDIA and he was gave education to INDIA or to British law by his education of Law . he was gave freedom to INDIA from His concept of real peace design in INDIA with full freedom about better and free life. He was done that after a long fight by peace action , yes he did . so today we all Indian are giving full respect to his vision or identity , so today  he is father of our nation INDIA . 

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My birth was in year 1976 , so I could not observed live to our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi ji . but his story book and visuals were  designed a right image of him in  my art vision . so  I can write this definition or my view about the Father word by this post . 

Or today I am observing it in our world people and I am noticing  in people , who is the father for family or for our world family ?  In present I am observing to Hon’ble President of America Barack Obama . you can say I did started this observation work  in year 2008 on  him , when he was accepted his president post in white house  America . 

He was showed his clear vision and he did remembered to peace designer our nation Father Mahatma Gandhi ji in his first speech of president post. We all know about that . 2008 to till 2015 in this years , I am continue  in touch of his  all positive activity and action about world peace by online communication system of our world .  

Hon’ble President of America Barack Obama is a real father of his daughters but he is not only father of his daughter. today he is father of nation America or in big think he is a real father of our world . he have capability of father word and he is proving it time to time by his dedication, carry nature, discipline , advance thinking , active action , right promotion , control on negative enemys , strong communication, high education  or world observation by all format of  world ,that is science, math’s , economy ,business ,security ,health project, environment project and much more sector of our social life. 

Photo from INDIATODAY facebook Page ...Thanks to INDIATODAY
Today he is President of America , he have Noble reward for world peace design , he was done a teaching job after high education of world history , he can hear the sound of other heart of our world . he know how to design the love and peace in vision of people of our world family .its example is I am ,  he is connected to me ( A Art Master of our world , after 2008 to till 2015 ) . 

So I am looking in him a real father of our world . I am saying it because  Its live example is our republic day of INDIA 2015  , it was 66 anniversary of our republic day . the Government of INDIA was Invited to Hon’ble President of America Barack Obama  for visit or celebrate to our Republic day function with us on INDIA gate . he was accepted and came to INDIA for Three days  he live with us and enjoyed to our republic day of INDIA . so I am giving to him a Army Salute  to him .

One side he was coming in INDIA or second side he was bounded to Pakistan Government for controlling  on terrorists activity  , I read it by news paper or I felt good feeling  because he was done a peace design work before visit of INDIA . so this live action of him,  for my view it was   a action of Father of world . he is continue working and designing peaceful environment by his own efforts . he have that power in his vision . he is living   all time very active and in mood of control on enemys of our world . because he want to create real peace in our world as a father of a family. In three days he was talked to Indian  people like a family member , he was used Hindi words in his live speech that was Namaste or Jai Hind . I saw tear  in his eyes , I saw love in him  for youth of INDIA or Indian culture , he did remembering to Mahatma Gandhi ji or Swami Viviekanand ji , he was called to INDIAN people In Hindi words brother and sisters of INDIA   , just like words of Swami  Vivekanand Ji . what I say after it about word  of father of our world family  

So here I said for  Hon’ble  President of America, The Father of world Sir Barack Obama 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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