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Art Vibration - 351



Someone are working as a committed worker for his /her profession , it can business, teaching, science researching , performing, painting ,singing and  writing .

We know art always invite to transformation system for better creation in field of art and creativity . every creative section of our creative life always do it after observe to lots of in our nature. we can say nature and human nature is connected and its collecting always inspiration from nature and life system .

I am saying it because yesterday in six hours I were observed it in a literature event of national literature academy of INDIA we are calling to that Sahitya Academy Delhi . 

Our Sahitya Academy of Delhi is working for promotion to all languages  of INDIA or in this promotion of languages project they are organizing literature event and discussion on language or that’s writing . I am thankful for our Sahitya Academy because they are noticing to our Rajuasthani language ( I am from India my Home in Bikaner And Bikaner is  in Rajasthan ) so Rajasthani is  my mother tong . our Rajasthani language is,  in very critical condition because  its have not own text style . it is taking help by text of Hindi language but its reading sense and words meaning is different to Hindi . so may literature person are saying to it sister of Hindi .. but I think it is mother of Hindi or may be Grandmother of is  my view . 

I can say it because in Rajasthani literature and culture we have lots of example of very old folk  or meaning full life of  critical desert  site . Rajasthani is not a state level culture , in past it was a very big culture of our history . but I will not pull  your vision in history , I will give  you a live example about it , this example is very contemporary or very impressive . 

When yesterday I were went in event of Sahitya Academy at Hotel Raj Mahal Bikaner after received a invitation from Sahitya Academy or Mukti Sansthan Bikaner, there I saw a very literate environment , that was creation of Sahitya Academy or that’s literature workers . 

Here a Rajasthani note link of  myself from facebook page . I were updated it with visual collage , it was on literature event of Sahitya Academy or that’s language promotion project .  


मित्रां आज फेरु की राजस्थानी बोली माया लिखण सारू मन हो रियो है और मन रो इया होवण रो कारण भी लूंठो है ! हुयो इन्या की मने एक न्युतो मिलियो लारले हफ्ते साहित्य अकादमी दिल्ली रे तान मुक्ति संस्थान बीकानेर रे तान ! बीमे ज्ञान गोठ ( सिम्पोजियम ) राजस्थानी में इन ने कैसा माहरी जाण मया समज री गोठ ! इये गोठ ने थरपण वाळा ज्ञान सब्द ने सीधो लेलियो में की खेचळ कर रियो हूँ माहरी समज सु और लिख रियो हूँ समज री गोठ !
हूँ बड़े हरख सु इये समज री गोठ रे नुते ने झालियो साल २०१५ रो पेलड़ो अदितवार में भी थरपदियो साहित्य अकादमी रे नाव , आज माहरे सेर रे ऊंट उत्सव ने टाळ कर पणार !
आज साहित्य अकादमी और मुक्ति संस्थान आ समज री गोठ राखी ही होटल राज महल माया राजस्थानी मया कैसा तो परवासियाँ रे ठेरण रो ठोड़ राज महल, आज री समज री गोठ चार टुकड़ा में हुई सुरु १० बजी होइ और थमी चार बाजिया पाछे !
इये समझ री गोठ रा साहित्य अकादमी दिल्ली री खानी सुं संयोजक हा डॉ अर्जुन देव चारण जी !
इये समज री गोठ माया राजस्थानी में लिखण वाळा चार खुटियोड़े लिखेरा रे लेखन जूण और बियारी समज माथे बात चित हुई ! ६ घंटा ताई बाता चालती रई ! राजस्थानी रा लिखेरा कोई १० लूंठा लिखेरा चारूं खुटियोडे लिखेरा रे लेखन माथे नारी और जुनि बाता सब रे सामे राखी ! जिकी माहरी समज ने और लूंठी बनावे ही की बात ने समझण ने दूजा ने समझावण सारू ! कुण लिखेरे क्या केयो ? किसे लिखेरे खातिर केयो ? इने केवण सु बात रो कोई अरथ को सामे आवेनी पर जिकी बात माहरी निजरा सामे आई बा आ हे की राजस्थानी रा लिखेरा आज रे दिन समज री गोठ जेड़ो लूंठो काम तेवडियो और खुटियोड़े राजस्थानी रे लूंठे लिखारे ने याद किना ! बियारे लिखोड़े माथे आप री समझ सुं माथो लड़ार की नवी और जुनि बाता करी कुन कुन करी और किरे किरे लेखन माथे करी इरो बेरो आप सहित्य अकादमी रे न्युते वाले पतर सु लगा लो ! सागे की फोटो भी जिका में लिया बे देखलो इये फेसबुक पोस्ट माथे जिका हूँ लीना बैठे । और राजस्थानी भाषा ने पनपावण सारू माहरे हिवडे सु साहित्य अकादमी और बीरे सगळा कारिंदा ने साधुवाद…
हूँ केसु समज री गोठ एक तरे रो नुवो कोलाज जेड़ो काम हो चार लूंठा खुटियोडे लिखारा माथे चार टुकड़ा में नारी नारी लेखन री बात तो बीए कोलाज जिया ही आप रे खातिर फोटो कॉलेज माहरी और सुं आप सब रे देखण सारू .... जय हो …

Actually Sahitya Academy Delhi was organized a live open talk on late writer of Rajasthani folk culture , in a image collage   you can read their name or some more information about that literature  event . there I were noticed  a writer of rajasthani folk , was created base of visuals for Hindi  cinema .

Yes our late writer VIJAY DAN DETHAN ( BIJI  ) was wrote lots of folk culture of Rajasthan  in village environment . in that folk writing  he was wrote a folk story that’s title was DUVIDHA ( Complicated condition ) . this story a cine Director  Sir AMOL PALEKAR  was read and got some idea in his vision about a film . cine star SHARUKH KHAN was supported  to his concept and they were  created a Hindi Film on Rajasthani folk Story . they were gave title to their film PAHELI  ( Its Hindi Title of that Rajasthani folk Story but meaning is same to same . Dr. AMITABH BACHCHAN  also worked in that  film as a senior person of village culture . 

Image from Google Image Paheli , Actor Dr. Amitabh bachchan And Sharukh Khan in this image .

I wrote it because its telling itself about vision and power of Rajasthani folk culture and language or that’s history, because Rajasthani culture was knowing the meaning of life or that’s working today itself on contemporary life . 

A Rajasthani folk writer was inspired to a Hindi cine artist or art director , the Director  was transferred  to Rajasthani folk story in Hindi or then in format of cine art about visit of our Hindi cinema lovers . here language matter is not important  but by transformation of art,  cine art team was visual educated to society of INDIA about life meaning   through visuals , that visuals came out by a Rajasthani folk culture or that’s writing ..
 So here I said Rajasthani folk writer was gave visual to Hindi Cinema .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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