Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Art Vibration - 356



Friends in 1989 , when I were in class eighth . I were joined very first a art workshop for a one month . that was a painting workshop in holiday time of  my school . there I were joined  to a senior artist  of traditional Rajasthani painting ( Pichhwai Kala ) Kishanghar painting School style . Pichhwai kala is a cloth painting it is very popular  in Indian Art .its very famous painting is BANITHANI Painting . 

But for me that art and that’s style was very new . first day  my Guide was told me about art medium ,in the list of art  medium i were noted to poster color & Brush , cloth ,gum, hardboard and a color palette , my guide was Brahmin just like me it mean we are vegetarian people. Ha ha. But for color palette he told me “ yogendra you will buy to egg storage palette , because that palette have big boll and in a one palette  cost you can get two color palette . 

I were very upset for his color palette talk , because  my culture  was not allowed to me for buy to egg palette because I am belonging  to a Brahmin family we are not eat to eggs or none vegetarian food . when I said it to  my guide   then he did got angry on me and said to me you will buy only egg palette  not to eggs ..ok
 I were went to market with my father  and I were buy the egg storage palette . I were felt very shame  on me because I were buy a egg palette when I am vegetarian or a Brahmin . 

But in that one month art workshop I were used that egg palette for mix to color and I did  created many colorful Pichhwai kala painting on cloth by process of traditional Kishanghar art Style .

After that I were used that egg + color palette in  my 11and 12th art education in year 1992 to 1994 . that color palette was lived with me in  my B.F.A. fine art education In Rajasthan School of Art . there many classmates were joking on my Brahmin Identity because I were using color palette or that palette was egg storage palette ..ha ha..but I were noticed  to  my art not to  my classmates comments .there four year continue I were used to that color palette in  my art education  work . 

In 2003  once again  I were joined to master of Fine Art education  then I were again painted  to  my art concept by water color or poster color in wash and tempera style . so I were used to same color palette yes egg storage palette. 

 After master  I were went to Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur in year 2006 , for freelancing art exercise , there in graphic studio I were painted water color or acrylic color on big size  papers so again  I were used that same color palette yes egg storage palette . in JKK I were painted continue three year 2006 to 2008 .

In 2008 I were came at  my own studio  in Bikaner . here I were painted to myself  by acrylic color so my same color palette with me in my art tool box. 2008 to till 2009 I were painted  in color or I were used to color palette but after 2009 , I were stop to color painting of myself I did created drawing in B & w . so I were not used  to my first color palette . In mid of drawing I were done some big drawing then I were used to same color palette ( Egg Storage palette ) ..ha ha..

Last month of year 2014 once again my art vision moved in color  side after a long gape . I can say after 1475 drawings  I were came on color mode from  my art vision it was natural  . so color was needed same format of color painting , in that case I were again putout  to  my water color , poster color or color palette ( egg storage palette ) on my desk and I were started again colorful painting of myself  by support of  my  first color palette .ha HA

Recent Color Painting of Myself  by support of Color palette ( Egg storage palette ) ha ha ..

I know  you are thinking  why I am saying again and again same words about my Color palette , so my friends I want to tell  you , I have completed 25 years of  my art journey or that’s live record is this egg storage palette , I did used it for my color mixing. I were converted that’s design concept by way of art or by guide line of  my art guide. Ha ha..

Last 25 years to this color palette oh sorry this egg palette is with me , when I am touching  to it then it is recalling to me  my first day of joining of visual  art Journey . I am watching to me in year 1989 with this egg palette . for me this is a historical palette of my art journey or history. I can say it is very important for me because  my lots of art memory is connect  with this color palette . 
 This year is  silver jubilee year of  my art journey or about this egg storage palette , I were used it in art . it is telling me  my art journey or that’s story when I use it  about visual art. This palette know me very well because I shared  my time in art and I am using  it about color mixing to last 25 years in my art journey.

So here I said  it , silver jubilee of my art journey ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


Seema Singh said...

Auction kardo is palette ka. 3.75 caror rupees mil jayenge.

Virve Karotam said...

Hi...Nice...Congratulations to the forthcoming silver jubilee of your art journey and i hope, that this faithful helper, egg storage palette, will serve you again next 25 years !!!... And I hope that your drawings will be visible once again to all art lovers.
Creative art journey to You !

yogendra kumar Purohit said...

My online friend Navratan Purohit ji wrote it for this blog post ( Yogendra Kumar Purohit ji...we salute your dedicated journey....Subhkaamnaaye )