Friday, January 09, 2015

Art Vibration - 352

Direct  -  in Direct

Friends  our world is passing through a very big illness , that is terrorism . Today we peace designers of our world family are busy in many healthcare projects or activities . but we are not coming in a one unit against this hidden illness that is terrorism . 

India is facing this illness to last many  year,s , this same condition with other countries of our world . but in this long time we could not clear to this hidden illness of our real life in this world. 

We have our united nation  society  for better world for better education, better life, better food , better relation  but  today our united nation society is in puzzle condition . because our illness of terrorism  is a hidden illness , it is a hidden war without any  right information from terrorists . 

In this illness I think terrorists are bacteria , they bite to life of peace designer people without any region in our world . in this  critical condition we all human are feeling handicapped . because today our world management community is not  active for care to life or clean to this type illness of our world .
Last Month some bacteria of terrorism was killed to school kids of neighbor country of INDIA  . and this week they were killed to creative persons of our world in France . 

What is this ? who Notice it and when ?  today we peace designer people are very educated , advance in technology or investigation but after our advantage where we are stand and what we are doing , why we have UN in our world . this kind of question is coming in  my vision for real peace or stop to this illness of terrorism . 

This week terrorists were killed to artists of our world family . they were killed to cartoonists of a magazine ,in past they were attacked  on our Parliament building Delhi , India  or on Taj Mahal Hotel Mumbai , 

This illness is killing to real peace or trust on peace in our world family . we human are in fear after our advance education , better technology or security system . 

We all know they have only one vision kill to people and damage to their peace full life . they are playing to other life  on his own risk of life . I can say they are blind to their vision so they are killing to people in our world without any region . 

Where they will go our god will know ! 

They are always putting  question  of security in front of our world or our peace system and  life care system  too . I think today our system of life care  and peace design want some more changes and strong format for stop to this unwanted illness of terrorism . 

Time need a joint action for clean to this illness from our world like other physical health care project . 

We know seek people are making seek to peaceful people in our world by killing action . we know we have lost uncountable peoples of our world by this illness but we were  not got active action in its starting time . today it is convert  in a very danger illness format. 

They are targeting to us all time and we are living silent .they are always giving challenge to our world peace system and we  peace designer people are taking to that peacefully because we are not standing in a big unit against this illness of terrorism . 

We world family  know how many they are and where they are ? we can stop to this illness in a one day but when then we all will take a joint action against this hidden illness of our world . 

 I think it is a time to take a right action against question of their terrorism, because they are attacking on creators , sense designers , social teachers or students , actually they are killing to our world culture  by fear design action on our world family .  

  Our time need a strong action  on it . here today  I were created a art work on condition of our world and I draw a visual question for our UN . ( United nation. ) After observed to illness of terrorism in our world . 

So I said time need a live action -  direct or indirect .

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


yogendra kumar purohit said...

I shared this visual question with UN on twitter .

@UN @UN_News_Centre it is a question for our unity of peace design ..from terrorist ..please think on it ..

Unknown said...

In France in this moment people is scared.