Monday, June 02, 2014

Art Vibration - 315

5th June Is Not Enough 

Photo by - Yogendra Kumar Puirohit ( Former Press Photographer of City Bhaskar Jaipur )

Friends  we know in our contemporary time climate is getting change very  fast . its example we are looking and feeling in our environment every day or day by day. Kind  your information I am living  in Desert  side of INDIA , here environment is totally dry . it is not rainy site so here life is depend on rain water or on water of  other states Rivers . yes I am saying about my City Bikaner it is in mid of desert and Rajasthan also a  desert site of our world  .here life mean challenge and fully struggle for survive . 

Photo by - Yogendra Kumar Puirohit ( Former Press Photographer of City Bhaskar Jaipur )
In desert site  life is in very critical  condition .because here life   is doing fight to environment . this condition not only with human life it is also with wild life of this desert site . we know water is a base of earth life for everyone and on earth water level is going  down and down by changing condition of climate . 

About this critical  climate condition We all world family were started a education work by a day . we have fixed a day for this environmental education to all world .we have selected to 5th June  of year .  On this day we all world people are working and doing activity for care to environment or we are sharing our knowledge for climate condition or about wild  life care and ETC . it is a very good step by us about Environment education  . On 5th June of year , many fields and sectors are get active action for our environment , in that list we can see to . wild life care Society . UNICF , NASA , forest ministry of our world  family , many social Ngo, artist,( I am in the list of Artist )  Doctors, Engineers and experts of environment observation or ECT . so a great  army Salute to all of them . 

 In  my life journey , I were got education about environment or that’s wild life from  my family culture . I were learned  how to care to environment or that’s all elements. I were learned  it from  my Late  Grandmother Msr. Kamala Purohit  and from late  Mother of My Mother ( Nani Ji Msr. Sarswati  Vyas ) . My late grandfather  Mr. Bulaki das Purohit was loving to wild life very much he loved  to Cat, Monkey, Camel , Hours and Ox   .  he was lived always  with his ox . In past time ox was working like a car  in our city so a ox was in our family  . My grandfather  was caring to his ox like a family member . My Nini Ji was taught  to me about care of birds wild  life . she was putted a clay pot on roof of home and I were filled water every day  in that pot after evening time . In morning time I were putted corns on street for lots of birds on order of My Nani Ji .  it was  started in  culture of my childhood age . 

So  I were educated about environment or wild life  in  my childhood age from  my family culture . Mostly it is in all family of INDIA. So I have not seen any one day for care to environment in  my past life . because here every day I am working for environment or I am doing it every day so in  my life  no any one day for environment care day like 5th June . or ETC..ha 

Today outside of  my studio I have putted  a clay pot of water for birds . kind  your information  in this hot environment of  my city many birds ( Chidiya ) are drinking water from that clay pot . when I am looking to birds in motion of drinking water from that pot.  in that case I am feeling  nice, because I am following to  my role for our environment care,  as a part  of this  earth environment script .

This short work is creating a relation of myself with nature, birds or environment , there action of care and trust sound is working silently in mid of us . I mean birds and me or me and nature over all environment ,  this kind of relation it is not possible  in a one day of a year ..i know it ..

 So here I said 5th June is not enough …

Photo by - Yogendra Kumar Puirohit ( Former Press Photographer of City Bhaskar Jaipur )

Note – this post is a report of  natural installation work by me with sound of care to  heritage of our earth environment . I am doing it ….. are  you ?  

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


yogendra kumar Purohit said...

My school friend Mr. Jyotishi Sidharth Jagannath Joshi have shared this post on his Fb wall
with this promotional Hindi Note ..
कुछ दिन पहले मैंने पक्षियों के लिए पानी रखने के ज्‍योतिषीय फायदे गिनाए थे, हमारे बीकानेर में पाळसिए में पानी रखने का पुराना रिवाज है।

मित्र योगेन्‍द्र ने अपने ब्‍लॉग में पांच जून और पक्षियों के लिए पानी के इंतजाम के साथ सुंदर फोटो को जोड़कर एक पोस्‍ट लिखी है, आप भी देखिएगा...

richard kushinsky said...

Well said Yogendra. It is everyone who's is alive responsibility to be a caretaker of this earth. If we don't we'll surely lose it in time.