Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Art Vibration - 321


Earth In Space  View From Mars , Image from NASA .com

Dot it is a base of a line in art . Dot it is a base of our Universe or on earth  Human life by logic  of INDIAN mythology , Dot, today it is very important key in our world communication of online ,without Dot we can’t work  on web world , today we all know very well about it. 

But this Dot have more big thing about  space . yes this space is our vision space or  our universe space .

Image from Google Image
In art history many impressionism artist were created paintings  by DOT’s of Colors  , they were worked  on concept of science by painting , actually they were observing to  Color Dot  in sun light . so they were created paintings by dot’ s . in that time art was accepting to logic of science for visual art . it was a good start of  mixture  of  two different knowledge for one Creation  . before impressionism Artist Leonardo De Vinci was created  lots of work for science or engineering by his self knowledge or exercise . so we can say  on earth we have transformation culture from start of our earth nature and life  , kind  your information this earth shape is also looking like a dot in our universe space  , because it is in a round shape . Science and that’s visuals are saying it to us with strong logic of science  so we are accepting .

 ( a critical joke against  this science logic – My late Grand father Shri Bulaki das Purohit was not accepting if  earth is moving around the sun . he was also said to us sun is moving around the Earth , because it is come in sky at  morning time from east  side and in evening time it is going for west side  .so sun is moving earth is not , if earth is moving then why our house is not moving why  you and me are  not moving with this earth ? , I know me and our science could not satisfied to him  about this Earth Moving Matter . he was not studied  in school or to Science , but he was master in math’s and in wild life care on our earth . he was educated about nature or life care system on our earth .) ha ha ..

Here in our Dot com communication web system , last week I were saw  a update from NASA . in that update  I saw a visual of our Earth . that was looking like a small Dot in our universe space . with  that image of NASA  was updated a very critical but  philosophical  note  . that was about our  life of earth. so thanks to NASA or that’s science team . they give me a new view about our earth for this art journey .

When I saw to our Earth view  from Plant Mars in visuals of NASA  .In that movement I were also went in philosophical view . because that image was gave me a very large space in  my vision for thinking about our planet earth or that’s location or that’s  position  in our universe  space  , because I were saw very first time to planet earth in  our space as a small Dot shape  . I were surprising when I were  watching to that image of Earth in Dot form and thinking about our earth , 24 hours we earth people are living, working, moving, giving, taking ,walking, joking , laughing , fighting , loving , eating ,beating ,pumping ,jumping , sitting , running , shooting , hooting , cutting ,farming ,damaging ,making, dancing ,romancing , acting ,performing , playing , I think all verbs of  English or others language dictionary  is living  in continue tens   on our earth planet or that is live in our universe space with lots of sound and pollution . but that all noise and pollution have limited space only  on our planet earth.  actually our earth is very silent in our universe  space just like a Dot of End  of a English language words line . ( Full Stop ) .in our universe space our earth is a silent and sun is very active that is putting  impression of sun fire on earth in our Universe space from distance of millions light mils . it is also a report of NASA Science by update on Dot com web world space .

Today Science of NASA is working  on  study of our universe space by support of Visual  art . so here once  again a  Example of transformation between two section of knowledge for a one thing in front side of us or  in form of  art and science mixture by picture of  Location of  Earth In universe space in  shape of a small Dot  ..for your visit I am sharing that image I were collected it from NASA .com .

I sure after visit this picture  you will think just like me with a big vision about  our earth because it is a very different view of our Earth from Planet Marsh .by Science or Visual art for a more big think about our real base Dot in our  Universe Space or about our real role in our Universe space because we all are on a one dot of this universe space . 

 So here I said we are on Dot of our Universe  Space .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA