Thursday, June 19, 2014

Art Vibration - 322


This FB update Picture was inspired to me for this post ,
System it is a word for fine function of any filed or that’s work. System is a format for right action ,System is a command on unmanaged condition .our universe space have natural system that is working automatically in our space , who control to that we don’t know but that’s system design is very well and perfect in our space . everything is managing automatically without any action or exercise . it is great. 

On Planet Earth , our Earth have a natural system for manage to earth in our space , it is moving continue in our universe  or around the sun without any rest or brake , science is saying to it , its magnetic system of our universe and INDIAN Mythology is saying to it , it is system of GOD .Actually a virtual system is working on our earth in this space,  we all know about it only , or on earth we can see to water, fire ,grass, fruits ,trees , wild life or our human life . this all part of our earth is working naturally on our earth because it is getting growth every day,  day by day by support of natural element  . so life on  earth  in under of our nature system . in life on earth we can see a another system ,it is working on our sensors ,yes by sensors life can feel  hunger, thrust , week , strong, fear and some more feelings of natural life ,it is live with human or with all wild life of our earth . 

In life of Human we have some self system , it is creation of our Human mind . it was started from cave life  time system . there to human were started to use of human mind for life . there human were used to stone , wood, for self safety system or for food creation , they were knew how to use to natural element of our earth for human life . so we can say for human life cave life system or that’s  people were created a very fine life system for us very first . there to human have learned  how to eat or drink to water for live life system . After that cave life system human were got lots of knowledge by self exercises with natural earth elements. 

We can say cave life time to human life was  started progress for  better life system .that time to today in contemporary time of us we have passed lots of time and life system of our human life, we have seen lots of Mythological stories  ,lots of kings systems of our history , lots of folk and modern culture systems of our human life or it is continue without Any brake or rest  just like our earth nature in our universe space . 

Today we are living in house’s  or buildings , it is come in our life system after a very long journey of construction system , first life was depend under the Tree on our earth , after that we can see in earth life system  to caves, then, huts, clay house, stone house, after that very decorative king home or businessman home or today concrete home or houses in form of buildings or bangle’s . 

 Artist  Dr. Amitabh Bachchan is Braking to Bull of  Stock market  (Money system)
Over all we human have designed a system of living to life for easy and better relax in our natural earth system  . I don’t know why human were created Money system  in this human life system , because our earth is not taking charge to us after our energy for care to fresh nature , our Mythological  history or earth life system is saying  it to me,  when I am thinking on this life system with sound of money . Money ? it is a very funny game in our contemporary life system.  we  human were created it for give and take to trust. but today it is  convert in form of Human god . earth was created life for move free on our earth , eat anything on our earth, because  it is just for life without any cost . but we mad human were started taken charge on our natural elements we forget it is our life base , without it no way for life system on our earth   . ha ha ha..very funny ..

Our religions Books and statements of Gods are saying to us, this is  for me or you , this earth is our one home , we all are family, we all are son of god , here on earth everything is  for  you  my son, I have created it for  your life .so live on earth enjoy to earth and follow  to truth path and natural path for me  my son. God was not said or saying to us ,  you take charge for food,for home for water that is not property of human that is property of god and  you human  are not up to god if  you are feeling , you are up to god then you are going near  your end . My son . god said it ..

Today we know we all human have created lots of boundaries on our earth, we are saying to that country, we human are killing to other and we are saying it , they are not following to  our life system . we human are taking charge on water, food, education, medical, home , electricity ,transportation , and some  more sector of human mind businesses ,but  why ? Think what role or use of money in earth nature , in creation of money we are using also nature element is too funny ..ha HA HA ..but it is with our life system ..? 

Or when I see to our contemporary Human life System by pint of view of FIFA Football world cup game , then I am looking some time human life is live like a football of System or some time System is in foot of human Life is a very critical game in our earth system . 

In  my view we all human are binding in net of spider , that spider net is Money system. This system is active and on  , on our earth and it is killing to natural human life , human system ,our natural earth system or may be our God System , we don’t know how long this system will move or run on our earth.  but we are looking it ,  it is killing every day lots of human or wild life on our earth without any nature care system action . it is active or on and it is making handicapped to our contemporary human life in  our natural earth system  . so I am asking to  my god after see this critical and funny condition of today’s life system , where  you My god ? where  you ?  

In past posts of this art vibration ( My natural art System )  you can observe  attack on me of our human  life system ,  money system or some more active systems of XYZ. 

Here I am saying  this critical view to you by this post because we all are facing today our complicated and critical  systems,  because that is on  and here today in  my city Bikaner, our State Government system directors were  came and they will stay in  my city for 15th days with complete State Government  system , because our state Government system is on  Today

So here I said system is on …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA.

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