Friday, June 06, 2014

Art Vibration - 316

Are You Imagine A Drawing In 50 degree C. Fire ?

Myself  Drawing No. 1340
Yes  I am saying about  my present art condition  on this Planet earth . I am living in site of desert on our earth, in summer time here temperature is live still near 30 Degree C.  or in Month  of June  it can touch to 50 degree C. so  life is doing fight to critical environment  at here and in this critical  condition life is working, so  it is surprising . it is a big example of power of human soul or body. Here life is accepting  open challenge  to  environment  and living to real life . we can say it is limitation of life or life system because we all are bounded to our self  critical system .because we have created lots of rule  or LOC’s  on this earth so we can’t move  on earth like  birds or other wild life animal , we know today no any boundary for wild life  on this earth . they all are free on planet earth  actually planet  earth of them not our. I think it ? 

Its example we all know many Australian birds come in India for few months stay in INDIAN environment . Many wild life societies  and photographer are shooting to that wild life visuals and activity of Australian birds . In Rajasthan state of INDIA we can see to Australian birds in PUSHKAR , GAJNER  Lack and some more lack of Rajasthan Cities .here  we human of Rajasthan  care to them as a wild life care person . it is duty of human life for  care to wild life environment system on earth planet . 

But critical condition is with human  life , they can’t move on earth in free Motion , every side other human system is taking charge to a human  for move and travel  and we are saying to that moving person a tourist .ha ha very critical..but it is  fact of today in our world human system . what we are caring  on this earth for life ?  only paper money  or to real life..? it is a big question to our world  human family !  anyone have a right answer of it ? so tell me ! ..ha ha.. I know no one have answer of this very critical and complicated  condition of human life. Some bird nature ( natural requirement of human body ) Humans are changing place on earth for relax of Body  or someone convert  to his body system according to Environment because  they are poor, under limitation or committed people . 

You can take to  me in this category . because I am very committed for  my art and I am converting  my body environment according to nature . because I am not much more rich from  money side . but my richness  you can know  again by this  art vibration post ..i sure about it .  am I right ? a another question for  all of  you  my world human family .

This is month June  here yesterday temperature was near 49 degree C. or  today it  is  in same condition and this condition will live more 30 to 40 days in this desert side .i am living  to it just like past because I have no way after it at here in desert side of our Planet Earth. 

For care to body temperature I have a  Air cooler in  my studio it is trying to give me cool air but cooler have also a limitation for cooling system in  hot environment . when temperature touch to near 45 degree then air cooler is get a critical hands up condition in front side of high temperature . but as a committed artist I am not doing hands up condition in front side of high temperature . because I am converting  my inner temperature according to nature temperature . it is a natural exercise by me in our earth nature.  In this critical time of a day I am taking in my hand a sketch book and creating drawing. when I am following to drawing nature in that condition nature can’t disturb to me so I can say it is a gift to me from my art commitment or dedication  or  in this high temperature I can live with art and I can draw to drawing of myself  with support of a air cooler or Electricity board of INDIA . so  a artistic thanks to Electricity board of INDIA because  they are caring to human life  in desert side of our Earth planet . when then  temperature is get near 50 degree C. temperature . 

So here I said or  asked  to  you , are  you imagine a drawing in 50 degree C. temperature ?

Yogendra  kkumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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