Friday, June 20, 2014

Art Vibration - 323


Words of Martin Luther King , update from Fb friend Sri  Rajendra Purohit , Jodhpur
System is on-II , I give this title to this post because it is. ha ha.. Actually today  in morning time when I were reading to news paper Rajasthan Patrika  in that movement I have read some critical news about our System or that’s work process . I am art master but as a common man of India  I am watching, knowing , feeling and reacting on something wrong of our System . it is also a right duty of a artist or a common man of a nation. It is not a political post it is a ART Vibration  post from a artist vision . 

In news paper I were read our selected leaders of our State Government of Rajasthan will listen to problem of My City peoples . so i thought something on this critical view of our system or on action of our State Government of Rajasthan. I were felt some emotional presser in myself vision or that’s presser was came out by me on canvas of Dr. Amitabh bachchan Blog . because we are communicating many art motion of our daily life in relation of ( E Guru or E Student ) senior or junior . 

That feeling was came out in 400 words on Dr. Amitabh Bachchan canvas ( Blog ) . So I want to say thanks  to My E Guru Dr. Amitabh bachchan. he was provided a  right space  for me about   myself freedom after presser of  emotions . I shared with him because he is understanding to me very well as a senior artist of INDIA . In way of thinking about System design he is also working very well as a doctor of art so I shared my feeling in words with him by my full confidence. I think it was must for me or  my art journey if I share  my true feeling with  my senior so I did it today on his canvas . here a link of Dr. Amitabh bachchan Blog  for  your observation  with copy of  my reply note .

I wrote it ( A critical view of my side i want to share on your canvas its about our Government system . May be it is critical but in my view it is not..
  Igot this think after know it, if  today our State Government is in My City Bikaner. 

This concept  was updated from  Hon'ble C.M. of  Rajasthan Vasundhra raje ji  on FB
Here news paper said ,ministers are waiting for listen to problem of peoples , and they are hearing the problems of peoples. so i am asking to our nation System why , after vote to ministers we INDIAN people tell or said our problems to Government , its duty of Government not of nation people because we people are tool of nation success.. In a family a senior member is managing to home and he is creating better life way for family persons about each one member , there mature kids are not demanding to senior , because senior of their family is give something advance to juniors of his /her family for their natural life demand it is our Indian Culture definition or it is fact for life system .

In our Government system we Indian are investing our lots of money for better future of nation for better development of social life . we society is select to abetter leader for better development . but when a leader asking problem to people then he or she is not active or conscious for his or her duty . why people face to problem and why they wait for leader for tell or share his/ her problems after vote for a better future or life of society ? in this case i can say our nation system is blind that have only ears for listen to problems of peoples , but how to system and leader will clear to thats lots of problems ( creation of past system of our nation ) , when their leader are not looking to system of better life design, better home system, better food system, better work system, better job system or better culture system of our nation.
So i think our State Government will live 15 th days in Bikaner for listen to problems of peoples , it is not a way of real progress of state or our nation. sorry it is not ?
I think you will like it and by your canvas some more educative person will notice it as a INDIAN .Jai Hind..)

Here two images I am sharing for  your visit and notice it is in hindi but both are important for vision of our system .
This post is just a documentation of  my true feeling about our system or that’s vision because system is on now..

So this post  is a continue part of  system is on – II 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA