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Art Vibration - 318

Who is horse ?
Horse Image from Google Image
Horse is a name of animal of our earth. A very power full animal for use of run or race . We human have used it very much in our history for war . Horse is a symbol of power full energy , horse  power is a tester of  human or machine power , we are saying to that horse power . A philosopher Arastu was said horse is a name or a identity of a animal , that is live on all  our earth , we know all horse are not same . they all have different look , height and colors but all horse have same  basic identity and power so all horse are same on our earth , Arstu  said this philosophical  talk about art by example of horse .

Drawing of  Great Art Master Leonardo De Vinci , Image from Google Image
Great Art master Leonardo De Vinci was created lots of drawing of horse and a big painting  he was painted  in a church that was a drawing or a incomplete painting  of him but he was  draw to horse in very complicated condition of war  I think that was four  horse in puzzle  motion .

Great Artist Pablo Picasso was also painted  a horse in his painting Gaurnica  , there he was used  to horse image for symbol of human power, labor power because that was world war time  in our world and Pablo Picasso was noticed to condition of a common man or his human power  that human power  was going for damage condition by world war . 

In Chess the creation of INDIAN Game  horse is move differently , a horse is  in board game , I am using to that when I am playing chess board , last post of this blog is  on only chess board record of myself chess exercise . 
In India Late great  Artist M.F.Hussain or in Rajasthan late great  Artist Dwarka Prashad Sharma ( Dhalu ji )  was created lots of horse paintings  in his art life . I have a  Horse drawing of Artist Dwarka Prashad Sharma in my art collection.  here I am sharing that drawing Image  for  your visit , he was created that for me when his body was went in vibration condition but in drawing line he was controlled  to body vibration of his self body . that was his horse power for his art sound. So salute to his art soul of  horse power . 

Drawing of Horse  creator was late great artist Dwarka Prshad Sharma ( Dhalu Ji ) Bikaner - Jaipur

You can ask to me,  why I am asking to  you this question , who is horse ?

Play  PAGAL GARH ( Mad House ) old  file photo from google image
In answer of it , I can share with  you some critical view and motion of real life. Here I am critical or some crazy . because last week I were visited a theater art performance as a art critic. I am saying to me art critic because I have read to NATYSASTRA of Bharat Muni ( literature of theater  art or that’s rule  regulation with INDIAN art philosophy .) so that study knowledge was gave me this post of art critic for  visit  to that theater art performance . 

A great Hindi Literature person of India,  writer Dr. Nand Kishor Acharya ( Bikaner )  was wrote a theater play in Hindi  with critical sound , because he is a academic critic in Indian Hindi Literature . in his theater Script  he was wrote about horse or that’s makers . that was critical but something true and fact of today . that was a critical view of him on uneducated politics or that’s politicians . he was showed in his  play writing how to uneducated  politicians are  using to literature  or creative persons for his politics . they are making horse ,if a creative person not accept that horse role In real  life then they are making to them a donkey or ETC. very critical ha ..

 In performance of that play I saw actors of that play were performed very well , they were gave life to play script  of Literature person Dr. Nand Kishor Acharya . 

That play script was  moved  between characters of writer, doctor or uneducated politician . after play drama ,  in last of that script a writer get win and he could taught to uneducated politician or  in end  a writer making horse to uneducated politician . it was end of that play script . 

In silence of vision that play was saying to all viewers about freedom of vision , freedom of self thought . so in that play or in writing of Dr. Nand Kishor Acharya I were noticed a different  type horse it was  not connected  to horse of  philosopher  Arstu or great art master Leonardo De Vinci or wild life animal . 

Play  PAGAL GARH ( Mad House ) old  file photo from google image
After visit to that critical play I were coming to home in dark night  by  my iron chetak ( Motor Bick - Horse power Machine  ) and I were thinking about definition of horse in way of Dr. Nand Kishor Acharya and I were got a critical  question  by that critical play script   . I were thought a writer is writing lots  of for society.   so he want always good reader just like me and in this condition a writer is horse maker and a reader is a horse of writer ,when someone are not reading to writer then they are donkey or etc for him . ha ha critical too ..Ha ha

(  I were saying about it in past to my art visitors ,when they were came in art gallery for visit  to  my art work and they said  to me we can’t create this kind of art work from our self  , in  answer I said to them , you visitor and art lover are  my horse , because I am a farmer of grass farming so my grass ( art work ) need horse for eat to it, this same words lines many time I were said it in my art exhibitions or in art galleries to visitors . )  

So this question was came in  my mind after visit  to  that critical literature play MAD HOUSE ( In Hindi Pagal Garh )  of Dr. Nand Kishor Achary  . and after read a message of wild life care society  they are saying to our world, please  care to Animal  horse of our earth . 

so here I am putting that question  of confusion about horse identity for  you ..Who is horse ?... 

yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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