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Art Vibration - 326


Player of Faganiya Football , Bikaner
Football , it is recalling to our vision for a interesting game of our world . we know this month our world in  sound of football world cup of FIFA . this year FIFA world Cup is running  in Brazil country  of our world . 

In last post of this blog ( ) I were shared  some words about  my interest  in football on this art vibration . my football interest was designed  in me  by my city football club. That’s name is BACHHI GOLD CLUB , our city player were played in our national or international football team . my city was organized a tournament of football by name of BACHHI GOLD CUP . I am remembering to our one an only football ground yes that is our PUSKARNA society cum community ground in Bikaner, today that’s condition is very critical but when Bachhi gold club was active  for football in that movement our Pushkarna ground was very developed with fresh green grass . I saw many colorful dressed football player of our states  were played football  on that ground grass . that was great but today that great is in hidden of critical  time condition. Why I don’t know ? but it is true ! 

Our Bikaner football was  leaved hope after disqualified team INDIA from world cup of football . it is sad but it is fact of today. we city people know it very well . 

Team of Faganiya Football , you can see in this picture , God, Great personality 's women's Evil they all are man 's

But my city people are not lived  to hope of fun by football . we know our football is not active at present by academic football system and our football ground is too. But we city people are organizing  a special game of football for real fun  on festival time of colorful holy. 

We city people know the definition of football game or that’s aim , that is one an only FUN and FUN and FUN ..

Fagniya Football match, My father in Rajasthani traditional  male dress , he is kicking to football .
Today our world is busy in FIFA world Cup for collect the real fun , but there fun is come out by danger game . yesterday I were listened this world cup had showed RED card up to last world cups. kind  your information this FIFA world Cup 2014 had played half matchtill today  but it had crossed to record of red card .too much critical . in  live matches I saw very critical foul from players .  in news paper today I have read in ground of FIFA world Cup 2014 football fans were started fight to others Fans of others teams . what is this and why , where is in fun I am asking to FIFA by this post , and why this type fun they are trying to create for people Fun  in sound of world war , it is not a way of fun .it is not .. 

My city people are knowing it very well.  so they have designed a new type football game for lots of FUN and FUN  and FUN .

Another view of  International Fagniya Football match of Bikaner

They are organizing a one day match in time of our color festival HOLY . in this live football match common man can’ t play but a decorative and fancy  dress up person can play to that live football match. There in football game  no any offside or foul . in that live football match some people are get character of God,s, politicians ,women’s , Sant, or great personality of our world . can you imagine that live fun full visuals of our city football ?  That is very different to FIFA world Cup but that’s fun motion and sound is very up and rich to FIFA world Cup . I am sure about it. Because in  our  football game we have only art concept base for Fun. 

For prove to  my talk I want to share  some visuals of that live football match of  my city and a video of that live match by 

A live fight of Football players  in FIFA world Cup  2014

Our city football match is one day match  but that is equal to 30 days  of FIFA world Cup , because that is also live on live telecast by international electronic media of our world , FIFA world cup run for a one month something and in that long time many good players of football get pain in body or many players are collect lots of yellow and red cards because that is base of their football game, they have designed it in  his self academic football for that card collection or may be for color collection  in life. But they don’t know they are collecting only two color by wrong game  or  my city people are playing football in malty colors  on festival of our color festival holy , without any card collection project by wrong game of Football .Notice it ..ha 

We city people were gave a title to our one day football match * FAGNIYA FOOTBALL * that’s concept is fun creation for other peoples of City , State , Nation or for International without any wrong game or foul + mistake , we know we are not playing academic football in Fagniya football but , by Fagniya football we are designing continue a new academic football for real fun creation about our society of world . I saw in FIFA  world cup live match many academic players are playing none academic so how to that is fun full football for our world .? how to ? 

Red card for wrong football  in FIFA world Cup 2014 ..and more red card images is here

So in  my  art vision I am observing  a different type match in this days about real fun,  when I am watching to live FIFA world cup match on TV  or in same time  I am imagine to Fagniya football match in competition  sound .then  I am knowing  fagniya football is better to FIFA world cup for real fun of our world through  football .because faganiya football concept is only  art concept  for artistic fun .our world life need real peace full fun by all sector of life or football too . 

So here I said Fagniya  football v/s FIFA world Cup … 

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Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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