Thursday, June 26, 2014

Art Vibration - 325

Why Get Angry A Peace Designer ?

Mumal News paper Image from junior Art Master Lakahn Singh , Jaipur ( he was tag me it )
Art , it is a key of peace of mind , it is a key of refreshment of life, it is a key of  registration of  contemporary time and that’s culture , it is a key of vision of concept designer .yes art is a key of complete peace of Mind. 

In past of art history , art was a main work and business for development of cities or nations in our world . In history a artist , creator or designer was lived up to The king post . for example we have lots of examples , Egypt culture, and then Cities of Rome , Pompai City of Greece , in my nation city Delhi, Mumbai ,Agra and some more cities of INDIA. 

By record of art INDIA have two big art example in front side of our world  , one is Taj Mahal that is in list of seven wonders of our world and second is  Ajanata cave paintings and sculptures , it is also very historical art monuments  and in list of seven wonder of Aisa . 

that all historical art works and art building structures were came out from artist or creator by their peaceful creative vision. They could got  angry on his self for self mistake but they were not got angry on others or on system of them  , because in past  system was following to artist vision , they were  committed  for artist vision because a artist was designing to big artistic cities in our world by very strong creative vision . so there was no way for got angry on system from artist . it was a big achievement of art  field in our historical time of world . so I think that was a great time for art . Artists were working with stone or colors for design to cities . all were learning to art and art was giving mental peace to all people of past time . because art have only one aim that is peace and peace and peace . 

I am saying it because this week I were read a full page article of a senior artist of INDIA or my art teacher of Painting . Yes,  Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay ( Former H.O.D. of painting department in Rajasthan School of art , Jaipur )  . I read in MUMAML news paper, a big article type art sound of  in critical motion  with name of  Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay .

Mumal News paper Image from junior Art Master Lakahn Singh , Jaipur ( he was tag me it )
That article title was it . Why get Angry Vidhyasagar ?  ( something cheap and in disrespect for a senior artist of  My nation )  it was  a Mistake of Editor of MUMAL magazine or news paper. I sure about  my teacher nature , after read this disrespectful title he did got angry on editor of MUMAL magazine or newspaper . it is must and it should by him for art respect or in respect of artist . ha 

I were read that article and noticed some points , Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay was not angry , he is thinking for right way for future artist. Actually he is feeling pain in his heart , he is taking pain of young artist  on his head for help to new artist of our nation . he was worked in our national art system so he know very well the goodness  & mistakes of art system and he have lots of art knowledge about progress of real art and artist for future . 

 I think his tens matter is right , because today art is not in prime sector of our daily life . but we people are sharing our time  for prime time or ETC . so in  my view Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhay is not angry , he is trying to give a right vision to our system for a right art way about our art future . he is very critical on our system of art . he is giving academic value of art to system by his criticism , but the EDITOR OF MUMAL Magazine or news paper are taking to it in different way and he is saying to his true art sound ,Angry . it is not angry , I can say it after read  to his   full page article cum story or interview or ETC. 

We know today art education is leaving space in education by mistake of education system. For example I want to share some views and points  for  you .

I were cleared  my 10 th class for fine art , by luck Fine art subject was available In Government School of my city , that was M.M. School . but before two year Government of Rajasthan or Education system ( Board Ajmer  ) was block to Fine Art Subject for  10 th class pass students . so you  think on it where to go a committed art student after 10th for fine art education ?  our system was removed fine art subject  from education system. 

When I were in fifth class I were reading KALA SHIKSHA book ( Art Education ) I were passed a practical exam of painting in fifth class . there to I got a real interest in me about art and creativity . but today that book is not in primary education system for kids or schools of Government ? 

A example of High Education B.F.A. it is a subject of  Visual art , in my city a privet collage are giving this B.F.A . Degree to Art Students , ( that’s students are come from art, science ,comers after fail or pass in that subjects , here B.F.A. degree is just giving a certificate on self finance course . I am talking to that institute  students and knowing it , they have no any good standard for visuals art after get a high education degree of four years , in my view privet institute is killing four years of students and they are making just money and damaging to art energy of our young  artist of nation. 

 Here by  this three examples I have to prove if our education system and government is not serious  for art education , without art education system and nation or our world will not get real peace of mind, it is fact , because we have lots of example about it in our history of world . 

So I think Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay is not angry on our education system  , he is in tens , because I know to him and his art vision , here I want to put  my question for Editor of MUMAl Magazine or newspaper why get angry  a peace designer , when he know how to design peace in society by way of art or through art sound . I want to request to Editor of MUMAL art magazine or newspaper  please don’t create any confusion between artist or our  Government Education system . its tens matter so just show and express like a tens not like anger or war type sound from  your editorial  , it is not a anger or art war . please notice it is must for  your responsible post of Editor . 

So here in reply to Editor of Mumal magazine or newspaper  I am asking why get angry a peace designer ? 

 Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA.