Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Art Vibration - 324


Friends we know today our world is busy in sports sound of FIFA world Cup . yes it is a football game by definition of sports. But in conceptual sound it is a world war by sports for best performance of human energy or mind of football player. But it is a very colorful  world war for enjoy or fun by sports . 

I know My Nation Team is not participating  in this sports world war after 1956 , in 1956 India was played final match of world cup of football . I was also played football in  my childhood age , I had  my own football or a team . but after that age time was made me football for time  in time ground ..ha ha it is another game  you can say to it time game ..ha ha..

This year  FIFA world cup unite was inspired to me for visit  to that live world cup match on TV . kind  your information ,last seven years to I am not watching TV , but this FIFA world Cup was filled some sports sound  in me again for watch to live world cup of Football. So every day  I am watching one and two match  in evening  time after  my art work  but not all game  on TV, At home with company of  My father . my father is very crazy for football so I am giving company to him for watch to live match of FIFA world Cup. I am enjoying his critical comments  in our Rajasthani language .. His comment come out b y him on mistakes  of Football players in match. Ha ha..

Here on  this art vibration  , I think you are notice to title of this blog post , I am every day changing  a new title image . that title image creation idea I were collected  after inspired to FIFA world Cup Unite. I saw a very fine campaign of FIFA world cup on everywhere , on online communication, in newspaper, or TV also . so one day , I think before a week, I were visited google image search  page with FIFA world cup and in result I were got lots of images of FIFA world Cup Campaign , that colorful images was inspired to me for creation  of a new campaign for  my art vibration in form of that’s title image with sound of FIFA world Cup 2014 . 

So I want to say thanks  to FIFA world Cup unite and to Google image for filling the color in me about FIFA world Cup 2014 campaign through art vibration blog title image . It is none profit art work by me but in this none profit  art work I were got lots of profit  of new creation by digital format after a long time. I were played on photoshop soft ware  by lots of color and images of FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 and it is continue today for next title image in form of Campaign of FIFA world cup 2014 . so I think it is very profitable art business  for me at present . 

In a one week  I have created 12 something title images of Art Vibration with sound of FIFA worlds Cup .on online I have shared and sharing continue new title creation with unite of FIFA world Cup  unite  or  president of Brazil,  by all type of online networks . 

My online friends of our world art family also liking that title images of sound of FIFA WORLD CUP by campaign of Art vibration blog .here that all created title images for  your visit , I sure  you all will like it and enjoy it ..because it was came out by  my vision After filling the color of FIFA world Cup 2014 , from Unite of FIFA world Cup. 

So here I said FIFA world Cup 2014 is filling color in me ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


yogendra kumar purohit said...

My Facebook Friend Sir Sunil Dhopavkar said it for art journey of myself ..Aapki kala upasanaa ko mera pranam.... Hajir hi lagan we aap kaam karte ho... Main 3 salose dekh raha hun... Shubhkamanaye...

Unknown said...

Pleasing game with colors on the day... and quality time with Dad in the evening...excellent activities !!!