Monday, June 30, 2014

Art Vibration - 327


Book Title of autobiography of Alexandra Symeonidou
Friends our world is busy in FIFA world Cup game today, so I am also in this sports flow and I am comparing to all matter of life to this game , it is natural with a creative person. Time have give me this creative vision so what I do ? tell me. I have no way after thinking of creative or more creative . actually it is a duty of creative person if they think to all in vision with all type of angles of our universe. So I am doing it and here I am sharing with  you . it is true.

Its example you can see on this blog post title  I have created up to 20 titles with sound of FIFA world Cup 2014. As a campaign  . this post is also a campaign for a good artist cum writer  friend of Greece . before three year I were connected  to her  on facebook .com ,she were talked  to me as a artist and demanded  to me some sketch and portrait , I were created because it is  my exercise way or a duty of artist so I were shared some sketch of her daily life and one portrait , actually I were transferred her photograph in sketch by my hand . that time she was liked  my many art work and poetry update by facebook I were collected her lots of good artistic comments . so one day I said  to her,  you can say I were demanded  to her a article on  my art journey. Because she was told me , she is working in a art magazine of Greece or like that.

But after that demand I am in wait of a good article from her writing side . In mid of our past communication she was told  to me I am very busy and upset to sad condition of  my family , she was lost her mother and some more problem of daily life in Greece . in that communication time she told me I am writing  my autobiography and I will dedicate it that to my respected late mother .

Yesterday after a long time she was came on facebook and said to me hello yogendra , I have completed   my autobiography and that is in Greek language or for English reader this  book is in form of E BOOK on online . 

After some time she was posted  me a link of her E book but that was in marketing format , there we can read without buy her E Book  only one chapter of her autobiography , after parches we can read to complete book of her . something smart there ..but it is truth of marketing . 

In same time she was posted me a title image of her autobiography Book. When I saw title and read her one chapter of autobiography , I felt she was transporting  her body by airplane in our world as a air hostess of a air service or company . in first chapter of her autobiography I were felt many colors  of different countries by her vision or by her real life experiences. But finally she is in Greece , just like a part of  my drawing , Myself . her autobiography is a self  criticism or observation on past life or that’s good and bad motions . I can’t say much more about her autobiography  because I have not read her full autobiography , so sorry.
Here I want to share her name she is Alexandra Symeonidou, from Greece , I got her good friendship on facebook , I were not met to her live in past or in this days but our art vision is talking and meeting by way of art and facebook communication . so thanks to facebook or our national internet communication System of BSNL INDIA  , by this way I can touch to vision of good thinker or creative persons of our world family . in this case I got a good writer cum creative thinker artist friend Alexandra Symeonidou ( a senior writer of our world art & literature family )

 But in this writing promotion matter I am feeling something interesting . that is it. In past a art master of visual art ( Me ) was requested for a good review  on his  true art  journey to a writer friend , she was working in a art magazine of Greece , and today a writer that same friend is demanding some promotional words from a art master of Visual art ( Me )  for her writing of autobiography . so this is interesting and true story I am sharing with  you by this promotional post about literature of our world. I am completing my art duty or a duty of a good artist friend of  my friend. Because I know value of friend emotions or feelings , my art is teaching to me it every day and I am learning it day by day..
So here I said it is time game nothing much more …

Yogendra  kumar porohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner. INDIA

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Ευριδικη said...

From deep down of my heart I thank myEF friend Yogenadra , who right away helped me with his artistic way, he ia great artist, to promote my first book in english, which is my autobiography, in this universal try. Thank you friend be blessed